Espumantaria Snack: the new charter of the Winter with sparkling wine to accompany

To harmonize a meal with sparkling wine may very well be the big trend in dining for the next year and in the Espumantaria Snack to teach them this art, the news of the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

This story could start with an anecdote about a Portuguese and a frenchman who join the table in a house of snacks to distinguish, through blind tasting, a sparkling wine a champagne. Each one would pull the ember to your product, there would be a twist that both would be at an advantage in relation to the competitor and in the end, with more or less a joke, they would come to the conclusion that, in spite of the culture of the sparkling wine it has not been stated in Portugal as that of champagne in France, the quality of both the products is almost the same level.

The Espumantaria Snack, open from 2016 on the corner that separates the Mouraria of the Coast of the Castle, is dedicated to prove this, and goes further to remind you that not only is it possible to combine meals with sparkling wine, as it is highly recommended.

With winter at the door, the boss Vitor Hugo gave a back to the menu and set it to the cold weather. Keeps, since the beginning of the house, the inclination to the traditional Portuguese cuisine with no major gimmicks and it was granny Rose, your grandmother – that was to seek the source of revenues that now are part of the charter of the Espumantaria Snack. Although the vocation petisqueira be one of the strong points of the menu – after all, the idea is to take advantage of the nice terrace at the end of the day to accompany a glass of sparkling wine with each entreténs to sting, like peixinhos da horta (tempura (€6,80), marinated quail (€11) or the nail of veal with mustard sauce – there are people who spend regularly for meals, and in this case are not miss the pea soup with poached egg (€3,50) followed by a surprisingly creamy rice with grouper and shrimp for two (€38,50).

The query letter sparkling wines can be an adventure for anyone unaware of the pleasures of drink semi-sparkling, and so it is essential to follow the recommendations of the restaurant staff, very knowledgeable of the flavors and aromas of each of the nectars and the best way to marry the suggestions of the letter. If for example you have never opened the door in a sparkling red wine for fear of not liking, is a good time to do this, however there will always be the classic sangrias and cocktails based on sparkling wine, which, here, are distinguished by the exotic flavors and unlikely combinations. The option “To Sauce” joins passion fruit and herb prince and goes well alone or accompanied by the lambujinha bulhão Pato, the sangria rosé wine, with grapefruit and rosemary, can serve as “input” to a tasting experience by the main dishes of the menu.
To finish, chocolate mousse, recipe, of course, the grandmother Rose with each pozinhos added secret by the Chief.

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