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Exits a metro and ten of kangaroo meat to the table in the corner!

From Lisbon to the australian city of Perth are “only” 15 035 miles away. Thing to take, more or less, 17 hours straight of the plane. The trip is already possible to do from London, but, probably, will not be neither the fastest, nor the cheapest way to taste the best of cuisine australian.

The best solution to eat kangaroo meat, according to whom the knows and the know how to do, is ride to Lisbon and discover the restaurant DownUnder by Justin Jennings, who in addition to serving in a refined and improved dishes, also brings it to the table on long planks, to share with friends. To the right, are 110 inches of pure carnal pleasure (€64), not only with the kangaroo meat, but a mixture that includes chicken, duck, steak of the empty and chorizo. The board, with such a metro and ten, comes with salad, French fries and sautéed vegetables. To prolong the satisfaction to the table, also the dessert arrives in the metro, with the Board of Desserts and Cheeses (€24), which includes three types of cheeses, assortment of toasts, tthe art of chocolate and caramelo salt, pavlova australian and curd passion fruit.

The menu of the tables of the DownUnder by Justin Jennings is only available by appointment, but a phone call is enough to book this unique experience. If you do not dare with both length of meat (and sweets), you can always opt for the proposals of the regular letter, that in the entries suggests, for example, “Octopus, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, lime Sauce and Coconut” (€7), “Pannacota Peas, Pith Crab Meat, Sorbet Mango Spicy” (€7), and “Tartar Kangaroo, Caviar Lumpo and Egg Confit” (€9). Or the more daring can prove “the Crocodile, Salad with Ginger Sauce Nam Jim” (€12).

In the proposals for the main dish, the exotic DownUnder by Justin Jennings shows up in the “Chicken Tom Yum, Rice, hot red pepper flakes, Shrimp and Lima” (€13), in the “Breast of Duck, Fresh Figs, Bok Choy, Mashed Sweet Potato” (€15) in the “Kangaroo Compote Beet” (€19) and in the “Steak of the Empty Australian, Onion Compote” (€23), accompanied with Potato Rosti and Vegetables. If it is still able to attack a dessert, suggest-if the “Apple Crumble, Coulis of Red Fruits, Vanilla Ice cream” (€5), the “Tarte Citrus, Pistachio, Red Berries” (€6) or the “Cake of Dates, Sauce, Butter Scottch, Pralinê of Nuts” (€6.5).

The DownUnder by Justin Jennings (Street Industrial, 21, Lisbon. Tel. 214 012 967) serves lunch from Monday to Saturday from 12h00 to 15h00, and dinner, between 19: 00 and 23: 00. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

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