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Extraordinary: Arrives today the new craft beer of Lisbon!

Today, the 3rd day of August, is the day of friends gather around a table, at the end of the afternoon, and enjoy a good cold beer. Today is the International Day of Beer and thinking, well, maybe not need a table, or a the end of the afternoon, what really matters is the quality of the beer. And friends, of course.

The restaurant Oficina do Duque (Calçada do Duque 43, Lisbon. Tel. 210 996 354) decided to celebrate the date with the presentation of a new brand of craft beer (€3,40). It is done “in house”, goes by the name of Extraordinary and you want to harmonize in perfection all the dishes of the menu of this space.

The beer was born according to the ideology of the Workshop of the Duke, where the banal and the extraordinary are. In fact, just go through the door and this concept becomes quite apparent. The walls in cement ornamented with touches of gilt wood make it clear that the most simple can become special. Such as on the menu, where the dishes are out of the ordinary, by the connections unusual among the ingredients, as is the case of ox Tail, with rocha pear and chicharros (€13).

Also the beer Extraordinary can be described by the simplicity and the surprise of that is atypical. The recipe is handmade and was designed to harmonize all the dishes from the menu, which is not usual. Already the flavor is characterized by the aroma of honey and malt. The suggestion from the Workshop of the Duke is that you can enjoy the late afternoon warm with a treat appetizing combined with an Extraordinary fresh, in the recent terrace of this space, which opened at the end of the spring. There are options such as Octopus, potatoes and dill (€6,50), Curgete, eggplant, and cheese (€5,50), among others.

If before you prefer to celebrate the International Day of Beer with a full meal, there are several suggestions. At lunch, the high temperatures of the weather, ask for light dishes, fresh and fast, like Burgers choco and cow (€9,50) or Salad cod with tomato and coriander (€10). By dinner, the council integrates dishes more complex and time-consuming, as Sarrajão with mashed roots and soybean (€12), or Bitoque bullock (€11,50).

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