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FeelViana Hotel: feel the city on land and in the sea

The tops of the trees will feinted the rays of the sun, in a dance that is incessant and the wind was in the Face of the high temperature, in the shade of the pine trees is redemptive. At the bottom, you can see the ocean and the kites, to make drawings in the air… guests are coming out of the locker room, board in hand, and continue on the sandy path that leads from the FeelViana Hotel to the bridge, and from there to the Beach of Cabedelo. Other leave-if you stay on the balconies of the rooms, with the facts of the surf dry. Goodbye work! Hello dolce fare niente

The FeelViana Hotel opened in May of this year in Viana do Castelo. It was built in record time – 11 months -but the idea I had to be “cooked” for ten years at the head of José Sampaio, the CEO of the project. Sportsman nato, it was a different hotel, where the sport was in the first plan, but ensuring the services of the first line of a good hotel. The design was achieved. The FeelViana Hotel get the best of many worlds. It is, in the first place, a sanctuary for lovers of sports activities, nautical, and land, taking advantage of the exceptional conditions of Viana (sea, river and mountain). On the ground floor, in addition to the business center, operates a sports center with quality equipment for rental or sale, such as surfboards, facts… and beyond! All in favour of that which is assumed as “the first sport hotel in Portugal”.

José Sampaio likes to say that “the misfortune of one is the joy of others” and that is precisely what happens in the FeelViana Hotel, you trust a good wind to keep the kitesurfers and the windsurfers interested. The surfing, bodyboarding and sailing are other hypotheses for who is only good in the water.

The idea of transforming Viana a Mecca sports has been well-received. Every day exercise maneuvers and jumps are epic at sea of Cabedelo, with the support of the bar that the hotel opened on the beach. All the organic structure was thought of in the perspective of the user and, therefore, the details matter: there are lockers to store your boards and showers at the entrance to the showers, to wash the feet when returning to the hotel. The bathers usually do not appreciate the famous north wind, nor so little cold water, but do the beach is also possible! It is advisable to-wind and be aware that the most pleasant time is in the morning… thinking about those who prefer terra firma, there are conditions for trail running, running and trekking. Not to mention the wealth of bikes to rent arranged at the entrance of the sports center – some electrical. Gives for the use of a guide or even a GPS embedded in the bike with scripts pre-defined. There are bikes suitable for the road, to the pine forest and up to walk in the sand of the beach. You can also invite friends to skate and take the measurements to the spectacular pump track.

But that is not the only sport that you feel in this hotel. Are possible programs to quite distinct interests. In the main building, the prevailing the comfort of your living room. Will you be sitting the rest, in the company of a book. The sofas in the lounge terrace come on the horizon… Nothing better than the warmth of a maintained to the end of the afternoon, over a glass of wine. Identify large colourful rugs, sculptures and photos of ladies in typical costumes, but holding surf boards. You will find fish on the walls and seats suspended by ropes. The small corners leave the landscape into the… Joins the traditional to the modern, art and new languages. The sustainability is promoted by the use of several types of wood for structure and furniture, which is almost in full made by the Portuguese.

In FeelViana Hotel, the use of relaxed and freedom coexists well with more classical approaches, and with those who want just one night of sleep redemptive, in a good mattress. The hotel is good for stays of long duration. In addition to the 46 rooms, all of them quite spacious, offers nine bungalows, sleeping between the trees with more privacy.

Despite being neighbour to the beach, this is not only a hotel for the summer. His air chalet nordic, or “big house”, as he likes to describe José Sampaio, gives you the warmth essential to be also appealing in the cold seasons. To support this strategy and provide alternatives to ‘escape’, the FeelViana Hotel offers a spa with heated indoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath and a gym. The treatments available in the massage rooms use products Body, “and natural base of algae.” You can try therapies of oriental influence, such as shiatsu and tui-na, that balance the energy body, and make a yoga session in the living room. If you do not resist the call of nature, grab your mat and find your spot in the open air. Do not forget the outdoor swimming pool on the first floor. Gives to swim at your leisure or lie on the sun lounger and do absolutely nothing!

The offer of accommodation would be incomplete if you do not look to the appetite. The bar serves light meals and, with its long tables, is it possible to go on talking and living to the flavour of snacks, boards of cheeses and sausages, a glass of wine or a sangria. Proposals such as gnocchi with sweet potato of the Alentejo, with the egg at a low temperature and the jus of the chicken, or the Atlantic cod confit, xerém, corn and tomatada, give an account of a restaurant aware of the different influences. When you think that there is nothing more that can be done, the hotel plays new assets. In the parking lot are some cars to rent and to discover the beauty of the region.

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