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Feitoria restaurant: know the subject matter that makes a Fork of Platinum

João Rodrigues received on Tuesday, March 27, a Fork of Platinum in the ceremony of delivery of prizes of the edition of 2018 guide Good Bed Good Table. The head of the Factory, the award-winning restaurant of the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa in Lisbon, returned thus to bear a reward that has already won in 2016, together with the prize of Chef of the Year.

With news in the living room, the Factory justifies the distinction by the kitchen, bold and creative, and where the contemporary vision of the Portuguese Discoveries brand presence on the route traced by João Rodrigues. The analogy with the golden era of the History of Portugal is a deliberate and deserves to be explained.

John Rodrigues, a native of Lisbon and chief executive of the Trading post since 2013, has started a new and intrepid invested – peaceful, to understand – in the field of products of Portuguese origin, in October 2016. The discovery developed by the team of the restaurant has been evolving for a thorough field work and research led by the head of lisbon, which has been developing closer ties with producers and suppliers. The purpose is to discover the history, understand the potential and evolve into a rigorous and creative spoiled by the authenticity of each ingredient, without distorting its main essence: the taste. The primacy given to identity and tradition are also a constant in the Trading post, where you both share the genesis of this multidisciplinary exercise, whose starting point is the product, matter. The epicenter of the creative process and search of the Trading post, and constitutes the great wealth of the the kitchen of this award-winning restaurant in the Altis Belém Hotel & Spa.

For all these reasons it was natural that João Rodrigues had baptized two of the main tasting menus of “Matter” (the one with four dishes for €105, and the other with six births, for €135,) that, in Doca do Bom sucesso in Belém, has led to good port the your kitchen in a coherent, creative and committed, where you win each time more weight, also, the work of his right arm, the deputy chief constable, André Cruz which is part of the initial team of the Factory. In the offer, which can also be chosen à la carte, there is also another menu, “Earth”, for €85.

The adventure continues in the living room. Here, the team of Feitoria ends many of the dishes, calling anyone who is at the table for an engaging experience. The discovery constant for each product and flavor is complemented with a discerning and diverse selection of national wines and d beyond borders made by the head of the room and sommelier André Figuinha. In the case of the tasting menus can always be added, at the request, their harmonies vínicas, whose value is added to the menu.

Among the dishes of the most recent menus include proposals such as the”Slaughter of the pig…”, a strong visual impact, “only policeman of the Algarve”, which comes in a press, and “the Pigeon, chestnut, wild mushrooms, foie gras and truffle”, a recreation of the famous grouse to the Convent of Alcantara.

But, the team’s work does not end here, it Matters more than a menu (or two). The same action is sublimated in the so-called “Dinner Matter”. For each of these singular moments, João Rodrigues challenges the heads of restaurants out-of-doors and who think “outside the box” to come to our country. Instead of the crowded streets of the Portuguese capital, the head of lisbon takes you to travel to other places. The script takes place in two days between the earth and the sea and it consists in exploring a different region and its products, in its essence, to know the producers, and a local chief, between conversations. The trip serves as inspiration for the creation of dishes and, at the same time, add value to each product-the protagonist-in a menu a unique and unrepeatable. Goal: respect the raw material.

The project Matter evolves, also, to a platform, where John Rodrigues is the increment in the triangle formed by the product, producer and boss. That is, it is to be built a network of contacts to the heads, in which each product is identified by the region, presented in detail and associated to your producer. So is “the Matter which unites them.”

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