Festival Tribute to Claudia at Vila Joya: goodbye, forever!

It is impossible to dissociate the realization of the festival Tribute To Claudia of the growing quality of world notoriety of the cooks, chefs and restaurants Portuguese. It is impossible to disassociate the new reality of cuisine that Portugal is living, Vila Joya and its chef Dieter Koschina.

It was in 1982 that Klaus and Claudia Jung made to be born in the Algarve, more precisely, next to the beach of Galé, a unique concept and differentiator in time: Vila Joya, a boutique hotel that would put the Algarve on the map of the stars. For this, it was essential to the arrival – there are already 26 years old! – Dieter Koschina, cook, chef, mentor and unique figure in the history of cuisine in Portugal. The Vila Joya was the first restaurant nationally to win 2 Michelin stars, among many other prizes, national and international. Was Fork Platinum edition in 2008, the Guide Good Bed Good Table (this year it was Golden Fork, for the ninth year in a row!).

Accounts made, the restaurant Vila Joya (Estrada da Galé, Albufeira. Tel. 289 591 795) is one of the greatest ambassadors of Portugal in the competitive championship of the world cuisine, and the festival Tribute to Claudia has always had an important role in this journey. “This tribute was created for two reasons very special. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Vila Joya and to make a tribute to my mother Claudia, a pioneer in this concept of a boutique hotel combined with the high gastronomy since 1982”, explains Joy Jung, the daughter of the founders, now at the helm of the hotel, adding: “we Went after in 2007, the first to produce a Food Festival with great International chefs in Portugal. Were 10 years always thinking in what are called Food CrEATivity, the spirit that will linger in our DNA, so we continue to provide unforgettable and amazing moments of gastronomy”.

The truth is that the tenth edition of the gastronomic festival Tribute to Claudia marks the end of this great event, which will be, for ever, in memory of all who had the opportunity to take part. More than a goodbye, is an up always! “At this moment we feel that the concept of the food festival has to be rethought, since many of the existing events are too commercial and similar. As such, we think the 10.Anniversary is the perfect time to say ‘au revoir’ to the concept of the Tribute to Claudia”, to which we dedicate so much love and which has obtained so much success at national and International level, both with our customers as well as with the great chefs that have passed through here,” explains Joy.

For all these reasons, the theme of this last edition of the festival is “Koschina & Friends”, a way to simultaneously pay homage to the head of Vila Joya, and celebrate “with various chefs who have become friends of the house”.

To close with key of platinum this great event, Vila Joya has prepared two dinners and a lunch very special, full of stars in the firmament of international gastronomy. So, Friday, the 10th day of November, Dieter Koschina will count with the help of the chefs Eckart Witzigmann, Martin Klein, Jörg Wörther, Tanja Grandits, Michel van der Kroft and Mario Lohninger. The following day, Saturday, the dinner of the Tribute to Claudia will be prepared by Heinz Reitbauer, Jacob Jan Boerma, Fernando Agrasar, Andrea Berton, Nigel Haworth, Julia Komp, Paul Ivić. For Sunday, the farewell will be made to the lunch at Vila Joya Sea, the xiringuito beach, with the participation of the heads of Peter Knogl, Jens Rittmeyer, Juan Amador, Jacob Jan Boerma, Martin Fauster, Stefan Heilemann, Sven Elverfeld, Peter Hagen, and of course, the host, Dieter Koschina, you’ll always have the company of Bernard Antony, one of the greatest connoisseurs of the wonderful world of cheeses.

Each one of the meals costs €350, in addition to the harmonisation wine (€150). The Vila Joya has prepared also packages with accommodation and dinner, with prices from €1300 (two people).

“Do not hide that I will miss some sharing moments of excellence in the crEATivity, but the celebration of the passion for food will continue to exist in the day-to-day as there has always been at Vila Joya,” says Dieter Koschina.

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