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Fish in Lisbon: the Top 5 to prove, today, the “Day Economy”

Presentations, sessions, live cooking, tastings and meals, to be signed by the best chefs, and national and international are the dish of the day between noon and midnight today (Monday) with the novelty of the ticket €15 giving a right to €12 supplies one of the ten restaurants present. This means that if you eye on a specific restaurant in the city or in a signature dish of this or of another part of the world, today is a good day for a race at the price of balance. Just head to Pavilhão Carlos Lopes and enter the Fish in Lisbon.

You have the dream to one day sit at the table of a restaurant in london Dinner, Ashley Palmer-Watts, winner of two Michelin stars? Walk for months to try a reservation at the Belcanto José Avillez? You have the dream to one day escape to Slovenia to try out the dishes from Ana Ros, voted voted Best Female Chief of the World in 2017 by working in the restaurant Hisa Franko? The good news is that you can fulfill this “3 in 1” without leaving the Pavilion Carlos Lopes, and, since it is on the ground, to get to know the proposals of other chefs and restaurants emerging in the last year have marked the panorama gastronomic Lisbon. Everything with a taste of the sea and to eat without hurry.

In this edition of Lisbon Fish & flavours include three premieres: the House of Cod, of the chief John Banner (and that last year he took home the award for Best Patanisca Cod); LOCOby chef Alexandre Silva (winner of a Golden Fork in the Guide Good Bed Good table 2018), and Mariscador, the latest novelty in the Lisbon of the head ribatejo Rodrigo Castle. To these must be added the repeaters Arola, the Penha Longa Resort, Restaurant, Ibo, Kanazawa, now in the hands of Paulo Morais, Tavern Thin, the new restaurant of André Magalhães, Ritz Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon, Kiko Martins and Ribamar, the only restaurant that has always been present in the 11 editions of the Fish in Lisbon.

And because the suggestions this year, more than many, we have made it a screenplay fast five places, where you have to use it fazeer one stop:

1 – In the Tavern Thin, André Magalhães has to wait a gazpacho sardines (€5), a bao crab (€10) and some unusual papas de sarrabulho with cuttlefish (€8);

2 – THE PLACE of Alexandre Silva proposes a broth of crab with squid oil and roasted peppers (€6), the fish of the day (wed. varies always) with coconut and crispy seaweed (€10) and a risotto of cuttlefish ink and scallops (€8);

3 – premiered in Lisbon, The Mariscador of Rodrigo Castle brings to the table a good snack of the author with a cevadoto crayfish and shrimp (€9,90), the classic sea rice (€9,40) and the crab-soft shell (€7,95);

4 – The House of Cod, honoring the good name, is by the raw material that gives him fame, and suggests the feijoada de bacalhau (€8), the curry cod with risotto and asparagus (€10) and the languages bulhão Pato;

5 – Sergi Arola, comes directly from Arola at Penha Longa Resort, with a menu that joins the feijoada of sea, the fish of the vegetable garden with citrus fruit (€6), ” pastéis de brandade of cod with aioli from the livers of cod smoked (€6) and the ceviche of sea bass.

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