Fish: on the inside is also possible!

If there’s one thing in which the Portuguese are unanimous, it is time to choose which of the sea every one wants at the table. It is in the Minho region, in the Borders or in the inner Alentejo, the seafood company, particularly in these days of summer, yet the thermometer and the rain say to the contrary.

From the selection developed for the guide “Restaurants & Terraces” on sale now (reserve your copy through the Store, Express), follow the suggestions of Good Bed Good Table , away from the sea, discover eight locations where seafood is king, with the mountains or the plains of the interior by the company.

Brasserie Martins
You are close to 70 years, but do not accuse the old. Sit at the counter, enjoy the many objects – especially the scarves neatly hanging from the ceiling, under the counter – alluding to one of the great passions of space, the football, and make friends for life toasting to the Victory (Guimarães, of course!). Cool off with a fine well taken, and at the same time enjoying the many snacks made with perfection and crying for more. The main distinction goes to the famous francesinha. Give the space to the nail of the loin, to the woodpecker and a selection of products with taste of the sea ever so inviting, especially on summer days. This list of the Brewery Martins are included in the spider crab, the barnacles and prawns. All good reasons to stay for more time here.
Largo do Toural, 35, Guimarães. Tel. 253 416 330

Seafood Restaurant Amadeus
Started as a traditional restaurant, but quickly realized the owners that it was time to open, soon next, a space dedicated to seafood and other flavours of the sea. To the specialties of the sea in Seafood restaurant Amadeus, have joined the sushi, Wednesdays, and surprised with the mariscada Amadeus (€95), which leads to crab, cooked shrimp, shrimp garlic, razor, mussel, conch, grilled shrimp, barnacles, cockles, spider crab and tiger prawns grilled. There are also the options Prestige (€75) and Premium (€55), which provide for four and two people respectively.
Avenue 1.Th of May, 180 F, Vila Real. Tel. 259 374 440

Seafood Restaurant New Mariano
The history of this restaurant began the 455 km away, in Amadora, where the owner made his senior debut with products of the sea. The North decided to keep the seafood, to compete with the steaks and the veal. Today, Seafood restaurant New Mariano, is the mariscada Varisca the most sold, with crab, spider crab, barnacles, chip of the Azores, shrimp from the coast, canilha, oysters, clams from the ria Formosa and prawns in the frying pan. It costs €68, gives to two people, and then offer a soup of the sea. Another of the specialties of the house is the bread of pearls, with shrimp from the Algarve, clams and mussels. Oriented regional only meat that is served on bread, the traditional nail, and the steak in the frying pan, with egg.
Largo D. João I, Macedo de Cavaleiros. Tel. 964 144 536

Seafood Restaurant Old
It was the first seafood restaurant to open doors in Mirandela, there are already so many years that the current owners ill keep the memory of these times. Since December has opened with new leadership and new decor, with fresh seafood, in an area where I usually serves meat. The dish most requested Seafood restaurant Old is the açorda de marisco, but the letter is much more vast and full of proposals to the natural or with clothing taken care of.
Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, 308, Mirandela. Tel. 278 990 918

Brewery Cacimbo
Time to choose the one that goes to the dish, there are servings to share, such as the stuffed crab (€19), lobster natural (€90), shrimp from the coast, cooked (€11), clams bulhão Pato (€19) and still the cockle (€7), of course subject to market availability. The Mariscada Cold, from the Brewery Cacimbo, it is for two or three people, it takes stuffed crab, shrimp, crawfish, clams au natural, mussels marinated, barnacles and oysters (€60), and the Mariscada Hot, at the same price and for an equal number of people, it includes tiger shrimp grilled, grilled shrimp, shrimp to the guilho, clams bulhão Pato, mussels bulhão Pato and cockles to the natural one.
Rua Mendonça, lot 3, Viseu. Tel. 232 441 484

Seafood Sardine
Start with the cream of seafood (€3,20). Resume this journey of flavours marine proposed by the Shellfish, Sardines, and select one or more of the about three dozens of suggestions of crustaceans, such as the canilhas (€49,50/kg), and end with açorda of seafood (€45,90/kg), this house is founded in 1998.
Rua António Sérgio, 4, Left. Tel. 271 215 448

Plate 7
The seafood is, as you can imagine, the main attraction of this restaurant, open since June 2014. There are nurseries for crustaceans in the access corridor to the room, to ensure the quality of the product and the bivalves are received daily. Before a letter full of suggestions, on the Sheet 7 it is best to opt for one of three planks of seafood (from €49,70), depending on the number of people. Harmonize with the wines of the region.
Street Society Garden from the Top of Santarém, portugal. Tel. 243 302 200

El Cristo
It can be said that this is a seafood restaurant in truly iberian. For the location, of course, almost between Portugal and Spain, but mainly by the clientele that crosses the two countries for there to prove a seafood meal. A look brief to the letter, there are more than 20 types of seafood available, especially if all the Boat Seafood, El Cristo, with a mix of the best and most fresh seafood of the day, served, as the name has hinted, in a boat-coloured wood. The masada and the rice with lobster (€85) are the specialty of the house, as well as the cushion of seafood (€12,75). At the end of the meal take on a trip around the nurseries of the house.
Rua Dr. Antonio Tello Barradas, 49, Elvas. Tel. 268 623 582

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