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Five restaurants healthy to start the year well

Let’s be honest: by this time they throw the filhoses by the eyes. We started, now approaching the tipping point for the next year, the organizing resolutions and make accounts to the amount amazing fried that we were able to digest in the last week. The Christmas candy are both good as the treacherous because they make us fall into the lure of “just one more will not do so much harm”, although the napkin greasy at the end tell exactly the opposite. Accounts made to life (and to the values of the cholesterol), it is reached that decisive moment in which we renounce the deep-fried and to comezainas tumbling to embrace the coming year in the best way possible.
Here, you dictate the work orders that if you eat the good eat, independent of the festive season, but with advancing age it begins to require some caution in their dietary choices – at least during the next few days.
Having said that, we will create a tour of restaurants of healthy food to do away with the exaggerations. Tell us: day 1 is the last day on which early to the fast food. From day 2, is the real deal. Combined?

The Paleo Kitchen
The slogan “healthy doesn’t have to be boring” works as explanatory of what is in this restaurant dedicated to the diet of the Paleolithic era. In The Paleo Kitchen, eating as they ate, our ancestors, without gluten, without lactose and without refined sugars, through recipes with low rates glicémicos. The fat, so necessary to health, will seek to nuts and salmon, but the big bet is focused on the ingredients that the earth gives. A lot of sweet potato and other tubers, and, of course, the red meat, that was the one that gave sustenance to the men of the caves. We suggest for a good start to the year, the soup is thai chicken with ginger, almonds and mushrooms, and then the tartar of veal with special sauce of the house (€14,40). To finish off, and because the dessert does not have to be a beast with seven heads, go for the lemon pie merengada (€4,50), and confirm that it is possible to make sweets the way without using sugar.
Rua Latino Coelho, 31, Lisbon. Tel. 210 105 612

When you do the search on Google, remember to include the word “restaurant” before or after the name, do not go the result be different from what we suggest. The Naked was one of the good news of 2017, not only materialize a good idea of Miguel Júdice but also because you came to give new impetus to the trend of “healthy food”. Without foibles, the new restaurant of the Principe Real, in Lisbon, does not align in fashions and is therefore assumed as flexitariano, or is, does not exclude any diet, be it more or less restrictive. There are options for vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and the said common, all with the same base of fresh, seasonal ingredients, organic and with the least possible change. Of the charter, shall draw up, in partnership with the blogger, Jane Lemon, suggest, to start the year in balance, the food, the ceviche of mushrooms (€10), to entertain, and the ravioli of shrimp with snow peas, pies, and seaweed (€13). If you want to lose your head in the end of the meal, the fondant chocolate is the way to go, but the mousse de lima (€3,50) is perhaps best option to prevent abuse. Alternatively, to eat in the quiet of the home, there is a service take-away
Rua da Escola Politécnica, 85-89, Lisbon. Tel. 925 406 880

Organic Caffe Chiado
It is said that the best way to cure a hangover is with a cocktail fruity. With alcohol, yes. We are not scheming, but if that is the case you need to re-establish hydration levels, before you even sit down at the table of the Organic Caffe pass by the bar and ask for a Sunny Detox retreat, with gin, orange liqueur, carrot juice, syrup, honey, and ginger (€8). Then, you can ask for the letter and choose one of the dishes prepared by the naturopath Mariana Pessanha, where what counts is the nutrition to the table. Devoted to healthy food, is the own Mariana who argues that everything depends on the balance and the choice of quality ingredients – a premise that takes itself very seriously in the restaurant. Start with a few pieces of vegetables with coriander sauce (€3,5) and follow by the veggie burger, one of the specialties that comes out of the kitchen and the favourite of anyone who follows a regime vegetarian. For the carnivores, the chicken with sweet potato, turmeric and carrot (€10) promises to return the nutrients thrown to the garbage during the holidays. Finish with the chocolate mousse on a base of almond and oats, and sweetened with sugar coconut. Here it is not allowed to input the processed foods, and the desserts never include the addition of refined sugar.
The street of Mercy, 139, Lisbon. Tel. 213 471 644

In Lisbon, agreeing with the idea that “eating in tacinhas, is now a scene”, the fashion caught on, and the Bowls & Bar, recently opened on the corner of Rua de São Bento and Rua de São Marçal, is a worthy representative of the movement. For the breakfast, which is served at any time of the day, there are the classic bowls of yogurt and granola (€5) with chia seeds and sunflower seeds, mint and edible flowers and a suggestion particularly original, the Turkish, which combines yogurt with tomato sauce, boiled eggs, sprouts of peas, and bread (€8). After, for lunch and dinner adds to the animal protein, and there are bowls of tuna, salmon, steak, and vegetarian, who share a base of rice, vegetables, marinated and other fresh vegetables (from €8). But, as in Portugal, if it should be the Portuguese, the concept has been extended to include other dishes to eat in the hand, this time in a aspects more petisqueira, where there are many the pâté of chicken liver with prunes (€4), and the boards of cheeses and sausages, and shrimp in a sauce of pesto cream (€8). With extended hours until midnight, the Bowls&Bar is also a café and a bar of signature cocktails, some of which are designed to accompany the meals, as is the case with a spritz of strawberry(€8)
Rua de São Bento, 51, Lisbon. Tel. 934 413 708

Wake up with that urge to eat crap but you know perfectly well that the body asks for nourishment after so much evil that has been done in the last few days. The heart is divided between coca-cola and a fruit juice well-chilled, and before you fall into the temptation of the refrigerant, a target-if the path of the Low and go treat the health to the table of the Greengrocer’s, the new restaurant/coffee shop in the city where everything that comes to the table was thought to do well. Not dedicated exclusively to the fruit, as the name may possibly suggest, but uses it in most of the dishes, which by itself gives soon that idea would be to make the right choice. Start with the hangover cure, a smoothie is simple and very effective in what if offers, with banana, ginger, coconut milk and ice (€4). Go for the sandwiches vegan, with carrot, curgete, roast tomato, avocado and mayonnaise vegan basil and lime (€4,40) and accompany it with a green tea with pear Rock (€1,20). For a small lunch out-of-hours, there are bowls of oatmeal, homemade acai berry and eggs that can be poached or scrambled with avocado and feta or asparagus and ham (from €6,50)
Rua dos Fanqueiros, 269, Lisbon. Tel. 913 002 211

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