Five restaurants to celebrate the Thai New Year at the table

In Portugal, the celebrations are being prepared in the Orient Museum in Lisbon, integrated in the celebrations of the 30 years of the Orient Foundation and of the 10 years of the Museum of the East and include some of the rituals of the buddhist tradition, talks, meditation, traditional games and photo exhibitions.

During the festivities of Songkran, the thai visiting the places of worship, reinforcing the idea of washing their faults and misfortunes, they clean their houses and offer food to the monks.
We, here, also by way of celebration, we offer you a roadmap of the best and most emblematic restaurants thai from the north to the south of the country, places of worship gastronomic where the New Year is celebrated at the table.

In a secondary arterial from Cais do Sodré, the restaurant SOI, in thai refers to the alleys and the streets parallel to major avenues, re-creates the frenzy that imagine yourself in the street markets of Bangkok. In an open kitchen where it happens almost everything that is expected in a stall of the street, there are flambés and pans that rotate with precision and the aroma divine that takes us from the salad of papaya, fresquíssima, to the money bags (a bag of crispy mushroom and tamarind) and for the curry green, tightly pulled in the spicy. All genuine, to share and to merge with an imperial frozen. Average price: €20
The street of the Currency, 1 C, Lisbon. Tel. 215 818 663

Sala Thai
Eating a pig in a poke is one of those misfortunes difficult to avoid, especially in restaurants that say they are typical of a particular country. Will-if to the unknown, and the result can be one of two: or is it good, or is bad. Now, when one enters and sees the table full of places of the same country is just not a good sign. And that’s what happened in this Room Baht, discreetly hidden in Alvalade, and for which there are digníssimos copies of thai cuisine, as in the case of fish soup and coconut milk, the duck in peanut sauce, and, of course, from the traditional curry of all colors. Average price: €15
Rua Conde Sabugosa, 13A-C, Alvalade. Tel. 216 039 946

Lakkana Thai Restaurant
It is the only case in Braga and even a place much sought after by lovers of the flavors of thai. The space is decorated the precept and the menu is organized with perfection: the curry dishes of fish from one side, meat another, soon after the soups, noodles, and spring rolls. The Lakkana Thai Restaurant Brings you directly from Thailand and its vibrant street food with the spices, techniques and teachings applied in each specialty. Average price: €20.
Rua D. Gualdim Pais, 34, Braga. 968 697 727

Thai Vilamoura
Simply pass the port of entry to have that feeling of teleportation, and the main avenida Vilamoura, land in Thailand. This Baht assumes itself as the first restaurant dedicated to the cuisine and culture of thai in Portugal and even today, 15 years after opening doors, continues to be difficult to find a table without a reservation (even in the winter months). The letter is extensive, but the spring rolls and the pad thai are required. Can you prove the same specialities in the “second son” of the restaurant, on the Beach of the Cliff. Average price: €25.
Avenida da Marina, Edifício Vila Lusa, shop 3, Vilamoura. Tel. 289 302 370

St. Gabriel Thai Garden
She has over ten years of doors open, the restaurant, Thai Garden, the group of the award-winning St. Gabriel the chef Leonel Pereira, but continues to be a secret to discover after a day of sun and beach in Quinta do Lago, in the Algarve. Use national products to prepare for the real and traditional cuisine the thai, the famous thai noodles and the curry dishes well seasoned (chicken or calf), as well as the sea bass sweet and sour and the espetadinhas spicy chicken. Average price: €25.
Quinta do Lago, Almancil. Tel. 289 394 521

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