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Flavors of Alvalade: What is the best snack of the parish?

From 1 to 18 march, several restaurants Alvalade present their dishes to the election, the contest for the best snack of the traditional parish of lisbon for the 2nd consecutive year.

The gastronomic contest compete for more delights, traditional dishes and more adventurous, on the one hand, desserts and various sweets, on the other, all the proof in the first days of march. The selection of the best dish is made by a jury, but the choice of dessert is through the page Facebook of the Parish of Alvalade.

The cod is one of the pitéus the most popular, served in various versions, such as Cod with Bread to Spread hot Coals (€7,00), the restaurant Spreads Coals (Rua de Entrecampos, 25. Tel. 218257045) that also competes with the Chocolate Mousse (€1,80). In the restaurant Golf Spot (Azinhaga das Galhardas, s/n. Tel. 969340713) serves up Loin of Cod confit with a Crust of corn Bread, Mashed Cabbage and Potatoes (€14,5) and Sericaia pudding with caramelized Apple and Vanilla Ice cream (€4,5) and, in the restaurant Yellowfin (Rua Silva and Albuquerque, 29 A. Tel. 211920710), the Cod with cream (€9,5). In The Restaurant, Rome – C. C. Roma Av Roma 48 B, Floor -1, Store 37. Tel. 966343097) there is Bacalhau à Minhota (€12) and Pudding Flan (€2), while in the Central restaurant of the Areeiro (Av. Frei Miguel Contreiras, 6-E. Tel. 218482080) is the king of the Cod in the Central (€9,5), followed by Rice pudding (€1.9 million).

In popularity, the next ingredient is pork served in several clothing. In the restaurant Lobos (Rua Alfredo Courteous, 1-A. Tel. 919230784) there are pork Cheeks (€9,5) and Ice cream trio of chocolate (€3,5); in the restaurant Têzero (Avenida de Roma, 83 basement right. Tel. 911191480) serve pork Cheeks in red wine and migas alentejo (€11,2) and Tarte almond (€3); in the restaurant Harmony of Flavors (Rua Infante Dom Pedro, lot 4B. Tel. 931318664) presents Neck Braised at a low temperature (€6,8), followed by Meringue with red fruits and whipped cream (€1,8); while in the restaurant Dowry (Av of the Church, 24 B. Tel. 914681680) if opting for the Ribs of the harbour at low temperature with the deconstruction of caldo verde (€12,5) Cake and velvet chocolate with gum and ginger emulsion of salted caramel (€3,5).

The duck Rice is submitted to the contest in two spaces: the Orchard Alvalade , Rua Marquesa de Alorna, 21 C. Tel. 218497460) where it costs €8,5, and the Casa do Lago (the Garden of Campo Grande. Tel. 920085264), served Albardado in cabbage and reduction of Porto (€8,5) and followed by d’ our Cheesecake (€2,5).

Another traditional rice the contest is cabidela, served in the strobe light (Tel. Rua Acácio Paiva, 4. Tel. 218491235) costs €8.9, and is accompanied by a Milk Cream (€1.9 million); and in the restaurant The Louis (Rua José Duro, 29. Tel. 218491862), there is Cock on the floor de cabidela (€19).

In the desserts stand out, the Kindergarden, served in the restaurants Maria’s Mail (Rua Acácio Paiva, 5 D. Tel. 912564320) €2.5, in the space that also competes with Hamburger sausage with vegetables (€8,5). In the restaurant the Cinnamon Stick (Av. of the Church, 2. Tel. 218059132) cost 1.2 and rival the Salad Cinnamon Stick (€5,5); and in the restaurant Borges (Rua Dr. João Soares 6-A. Tel. 934155952) cost €2,2 and end a meal that started with Th Grouper with Rice and Beans (€8).

Appetizing competitors are also the restaurant the Bowl (Rua Reinaldo Ferreira, 18 A. Tel. 218487086) with Put rump to the fashion mirandeza (€11,5); The Courenses (Rua José Duro, 27. Tel. 218473619) with “Cozido à portuguesa” (5.Th and Saturday, €10 or €20), the Tico Tico / New day (Av. The river of January, 19. Tel. 21 849 1495) Rice of lamprey, and the No name (Rua Marquesa de Alorna, 29 C. Tel. 218498624) Fillets of grouper with rice malandrinho €11,5; sweet Rice €2,5.

Other sweets the contest are the Noisette Masquée (€0,80) Leónidas (Av. of the Church, 3 E. Tel. 936266061); the Pastel de Nata (€1) from the greater Lisbon (Rua Luis Augusto Palmeirim, 10 – C, D. Tel. 210151673), the Tachinho of the Abbot (€1,2), Chocolovers (Av. Rome 48 B, Floor 0, Shop 38. Tel. 912041544) and the Cornucopia (€1,75) on the Pastry Damasus (Av. Rome, 60-A. Tel. 218495089/914007389).

In 2017, won in the category of traditional dish of the Restaurant The Louis with Rockets to the manor house with the Popes of Sarrabulho, the Guard with Posta Barrosã and Borges with Roasted Cod à Lagareiro, while on the sweets chosen by the public was the sponge of the Real sponge.

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