Fortnight Culinary Brandy DOC Lourinhã: with or without smell?

The Demarcated Region of the Brandy DOC Lourinhã, unique in Portugal to the exclusive production of aguardentes vínicas, celebrates 25 years and promotes until the 26th of November, the Fortnight Dining in the Brandy DOC Lourinhã.

In the framework of this initiative will be presented to 40 recipes, some more traditional than others, but all with a special ingredient in common: the Brandy DOC Lourinhã, considered one of the three best spirits in the world.

With the beach of White Sand as a backdrop, the Sandy Beach Bistrot by Chakall (the Road from the Beach, Lourinhã. Tel. 261 414 182) is one of the 15 restaurants that joined in a Fortnight’s restaurant Brandy DOC Lourinhã. The Aguardente Lourinhã Sour (€6), a cocktail of brandy with egg whites, open the menu, by following up with Foie Gras with Brandy DOC Lourinhã and Red Fruit (€12). Already the main dish goes by the name of Ribs Lourinhã style, which translates into a piano pig cooked at a low temperature for 36 hours, seasoned with brandy and barbecue sauce, and accompanied with potato, rustic, Western (€15). For dessert, expect chocolate Mousse with Brandy from Lourinhã (€4,50).

In addition to these four proposals, the Fortnight Dining in the Brandy DOC Lourinhã promises to many of the other dishes leave water in the mouth, among them Prawns flamejadas with brandy DOC Lourinhã, or Salad d Autumn with aguardente Lourinhã, or even Slapstick of sweet potato with bacon flavored with brandy DOC Lourinhã. For dessert, the brandy blends in perfectly with the Pudding, coffee, Cheesecake caramel, and pineapple , and Pudding rocha pear of the West.

Over the next few days you will find new recipes based brandy are on the menu of the 15 participating restaurants, the majority in the municipality of Lourinhã, with the exception of the Paradise of the Mouth, in the municipality of Peniche, and the Severianos, in the municipality of Torres Vedras. See the list of restaurants in page, Câmara Municipal da Lourinhã.

The Fortnight Dining in the Brandy DOC Lourinhã it also includes the presentation of the book “Territories Tenants of Portugal – Lourinhã”, on the 16th of November, at 18.00 in the space Flavors Lourinhã and, as usual, an “Open Day” (day 18, at 15: 00, upon prior registration), which invites you to visit for free the Adega Cooperativa da Lourinhã (Avenida Mozambique, Lourinhã. Tel. 261 422 107).

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