Friday the 13th: dinner with no fears in the Mud of the Mass

In the central street of the Sludge Mass, the Albufeira restaurant (Tel. 276 556 213) do not lose a celebration of the Night of the Witches, and, already now, a always suspicious Friday, 13. Dress up for the occasion to one more night that you define as “embruxada” and the table prepares dishes worthy of a meal ill-fated. Start at the smokehouse, the ex-libris of the house, and continue through the specialities: Cooked Embruxado, Veal roasted in the oven of the Devil, Octopus in Pots Excommunicated and Put to Guard it in the embers of hell are the dishes set out for this evening of celebration.

Dessert completes a meal that could be of the gods, this was not a night dedicated to the forces of evil: French toast of the Hells and the Pudding of the tongues of satan. This dinner “embruxado” Friday, the 13th, in the Albufeira restaurant serves from 19: 00 hours and costs €20 per person with entry, dish and dessert to choose from, plus drinks. In spite of the 250 places available, booking in advance is advised.

The space, open since 1990, enjoys a stunning view over the Albufeira do Alto Rabagão. But this night, even the black cats are brown.

After a dinner without bad luck, the party continues in Montalegre where all of the superstitions are, in this Friday, 13, valid, and all the fears come out to the street without hesitation.

The celebration begins during the afternoon with the opening of the fair, ” we adjure, from 13h13. During the whole afternoon tell with frightening animation of the street. After dinner, the party makes into four different stages with entertainment all through the night, between music and shows. The Stage of town hall Square hosts the concerts of Black Cherry, Blind Zero and the USS Project, while the stage of the castle rises the spectacle ‘The source’, the Burning Priest Sources and a show piromusical. On Stage ecomuseum and Snacks, the animation extends beyond midnight and, in the Stage the Alternative, the act, from 21: 30, El the Lord, and Sunflowers.

The entire program can be consulted on the page of Facebook or on the site of the Friday 13 Montalegre.

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