Furnace: in the Cable World, there is a kitchen paulista, surely

Cable of the World is a name you curious to a land that is distant only 6 km from the bustling city of Matosinhos. Right next to the Karting track, in front of the sea, lies this restaurant that operates at two speeds and drink inspiration stops, these yes, distant.

The bread seed comes warm to the table, starting a meal that is based on the precepts of a simple kitchen based on the quality of the products and mastery in the making. It is as well that Alan and Samuel Barros want to drive the restaurant that opened there a year and a half, in the place where it was before the same furnace, dedicated to other flavors.

The two of são paulo, with Portuguese roots – the father of Alan is a native of Leiria – share the surname but are not family. At least blood. In the Furnace (R. Sands 20, Perafita, Cable in the World. Tel. 224 036 193) bet primarily on the Italian cuisine and meat, but there are notes of other stops. The blending, or fusion how to use, it has to do with the cot of the members: The two owners are natural of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, a vibrant city, also in the gastronomy concerns. Here gravitate the people and palates from all over the World doing the kitchen paulista a colorful mix.

These roots are what make the cuisine of the Furnace is also international, with influences as diverse as Argentina (in the cuts and cooking of the meat, using the parrilha, the grilled typical of this country), Italy, mainly in the traditional pizzas, but also in risottos and folders and, still, Brazil and Portugal, in the details, in meat quality and ways to do it.

Do the simple well done
Here, is the meat in various cuts selected, the pizzas and the other dishes pass through the Furnace, the heart of the restaurant. This wood-fired oven and the parrilha – a grid with specific drawing not to drop fat coal, that does not make so much smoke and makes the meat more tasty – very used in Argentina, are the basis for the flavors that, if you want authentic.

Here grelham various cuts of meat as the Beef Ancho (€23,99); the Chuletão, simple or matured (€24.99 or €44,99, for two), but also Steak (€19,99) and the T-Bone (26,99), among several others that you can choose from the showroom located at the entrance of the space. All cuts served with three escorts distinct to choose between mushroom risotto and salad; grilled vegetables in parrilha or as brazilian black beans, white rice, kale, and farofa

Also the pizzas, made from traditional methods, with the mass of caputo of the fermented for at least 40 hours, are ‘different’. Designed in the restaurant (from €9,99), stand out in the Cable World, the Chicken and the cheese and the Sicilian.

To vary, the risottos, the Milaneza (€10) or Mushrooms (€12), and the folders, Ravioli or Fioccheti craft (12) are also good options.

In the desserts the highlights of the Cheesecake guava (€3,5) and the Cream of papaya with cassis liqueur (€4).

In beverages we highlight a short letter but punctuated by nectars of small producers and the refreshing sangrias – red, white and sparkling wine with red fruits – the Sidrangria – a refreshing drink based on cider.

A large part of the dishes comes to the table with a hot stone to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the meal that if you want to without having to rush.

At lunch, during the week, in addition to the letter, there is a menu of the day: Mushroom Risotto, Ravioli at pomodoro, Fiocchetti sauce of 4 cheeses, Tuna Salad, Pizza, and Steak Furnace of cebolada with white rice, salad and fries. The dish with a drink is €7,5.

Learn how to make
More than a restaurant this is a space where you can learn the right way to cook the various cuts of meat: By appointment, is it possible to do a short course, followed by the meal, which begins with a short training on craft beer and if it extends to the cooking of the meat. The workshop, normally prepared for groups between 5 and 8 people, costs €30, with tasting of craft beer and dinner included. For about two hours you will learn how to identify the animal and its breed, evaluate the quality of meat and the cut suited to each clothing, as well as to learn techniques when it arrives to the grid.

In September comes the festival of bbq “as in Brazil, on the ground”, with invited experts in an initiative that, more than a simple meal, it is a show different and lively who like to celebrate the food.

With 50 seats available inside, in a bright room and a further 30 on the terrace that surrounds the restaurant, the Furnace is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunch. On the other days the hours are from 12h30 to 15h00 and from 20h00 to 23h00 but, during the summer, taking advantage of the location on the sea front, works continuously between 13h00 and 23h00.

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