Gallery restaurant Largo: “Back to the roots” from the Port

Opened in may 2015, the Port A. S. 1829 the Hotel is located in the centre of Porto, more precisely, in the busy and lively Largo de São Domingos, between the Avenida dos Aliados and the Ribeira. With its opening, the hotel has given new life to the historic Stationery Araújo and Nephew, ali has developed activity since 1829. In fact, the various objects and furnishings integrate, currently, the hotel unit.

It is with all this surrounding cultural and historic that the Gallery restaurant of Largo (Largo de São Domingos, 45-55, Port. Tel. 223 402 740) has been developing the concept of the gastronomic. These days, it was given to know it a step further, with the introduction of the new letter, signed by chief Manuel Ferreira, who invites us to “Return to the origins” through a “Gastronomical Itinerary” by the authentic Portuguese flavors, in this case, truly autumnal, such as the pumpkin or the nuts.

In a letter that develops from “galleries” in the first, dedicated to the inputs, suggest some innovations, such as the comforting soups “Cream of pumpkin roasted with your toasted seeds and crème fraiche” (€3,50) and “Cream three onions, escalope of foie gras, grissini and Port wine reduction” (€4,80). Other options of the new charter are “Eggs pickled homemade bread algae and mustard with the old honey” (€9) and “Board filled of Minho, broa de Avintes fried in olive oil and garlic, and olives” (€10,80). In the letter remains the well-known “Egg BT, island cheese, mushrooms and olive oil truffle” (€6).

Already in the “Gallery of Fish” could not miss a hint the Portuguese codfishing, with the faithful friend, to present as the “grilled Cod, crushed potatoes and Portuguese cabbage, and egg to 62” (€18). Interesting, the version, gluten-free, “Octopus roasted, mashed sweet potatoes, sautéed greens and spring onions” (€18,50). For two people, the “Cataplana of fish with sweet potato” (€42) is an excellent option.

On firm ground, the meats are a strong focus of the new charter of the Gallery restaurant in the Largo, with dishes such as “Rice and veal butelos with the aroma of truffle” (€16,50) and “the wild Boar sauce with juniper, mousseline of celery smoked and pera drunk” (€18,50). With great odds to become the most requested of the suggestions in this autumn, reference walk to “Our Pig” (€15), with the right of the popes of sarrabulho, and a beautiful presentation.

Following the new trends and impositions, the Gallery restaurant of Largo features numerous gluten-free dishes, and a chapter with four vegetarian options, with highlight to the dish “roasted Vegetables and tofu, sauce Tzatziki” (€16). In desserts, there is a new version of “Fondant of nuts” (€6) and a duet that promises to: “Raspberries vs beet” (€5,50). It should be noted that in order to harmonise the dishes of the new charter, the team at Gallery restaurant Largo suggests, ideally, wines from the Douro region, or the region of vinhos verdes. In addition to these novelties, the chief Manuel Ferreira has still, in the way of surprise, a “Limited Edition”, that is, a different cue every day of the week, limited to a stock of very few dishes that are not on the new letter.

And, since this letter presents the proposals to the autumn and winter, it is interesting to note that during the afternoon, in the beautiful space of the restaurant is also served at the “tea at 5”, with a view to the Largo de São Domingos.

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