Gastronomic Festival with the name more bold animates Monsoon

This weekend it is time to Fuck in Monsoon. The II edition of the fair dedicated to the most celebrated dish of this is the border takes place in the days 9, 10 and 11 march , and promises lots of entertainment. In addition to the “Fuck the Monsoon” – the name given to the dish more emblematic of the earth, the Lamb in the Fashion of the Monsoon – the Fair of Fuck presents the best wines and crafts of the region.

“Let’s go to Fuck”
No lack of fun at the event organized by the Confraternity of Fuck that, apart from the eating and drinking suggests several performances between theater and music, with folk dancing groups, drums and concertinas. The animation begins on Friday, November 9, by 18: 30, with the performance of raid, “song of Songs da Ribeira”. At the close of the exhibition, which takes place on Sunday, December 11, at 18h00, acts the band “Sounds of Minho”, that made the theme “Let’s go to Fuck”.

Name bold and authentic flavor
Initially associated with the household consumption on feast days, the Lamb to the Fashion of the Monsoon, the rice pinged and name bold “Fuck the Monsoon”, has become, since several years ago, a reference in the gastronomy monçanense. The cooking of this dish in alguidar taken to the wood-fired oven recovers the knowledge of ancestors, adding to it also the art, warmth and professionalism of the cooks.

The story of Fuck, dating back to other times, when the “inhabitants of the village, which did not have cattle, were making their way to the shows to buy the animal. And, as in all fairs, there was everything, good and bad. The truth is that the producers of cattle, when brought to the fair to sell them at the best price and, for that seemed to be fat, put them with salt in the fodder, which forced them to drink a lot of water”. For this reason, at the fair, they appeared with “a belly full of water and heavy, seeming to be really fat. The unwary who didn’t know in the morning they bought those authentic “bags of water” and, when you realize the deception, reading out the good way of the Minho: “what a great fuck!”. However, the term vulgarizou so that the dish has been renamed by Fuck in the Fashion of a Monsoon. Here it is frequent, by the heights festive (Easter, Body of the God, Lady of Sorrows and Christmas or Year-End) listening to the women: “O Mary, already meteste the fuck?”

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