Gastronomical itinerary with the taste of coffee: Nespresso Gourmet Weeks from 10 April to 14 may

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Given the success of the two previous editions, the initiative, Nespresso Gourmet Weeks returns this year with eight chefs, and an equal number of restaurants with Michelin Stars, challenging them to look for the coffee with other eyes. So, if you could not enjoy this gastronomic experience previously, enjoy this new edition to get a taste of this authentic gastronomical itinerary with a taste of the coffee.

The 3rd edition Nespresso Gourmet Weeks takes place not only in the areas of Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve as well as in the Wood.

Ricardo Costa, Rui Paula, Vítor Matos, Pedro Lemos, João Rodrigues, Henrique leis, Luis Pestana, and Henrique Sá Pessoa is the talented chefs hosts of this edition, but, once again, you are not alone.

In their kitchens they receive other chefs invited to the four or more hands, to create a dinner unique in that the coffee will be the main source of inspiration for the entire meal. The menu created by the chefs will include, at least, appetizer, entry, two main dishes (meat and fish) and dessert.

In addition, this year, the sommeliers will also have a key role in selecting the wine most suitable to taste the different dishes.

The many stars of this gastronomical itinerary will shine already from the very next day, 10 April until 14 may.

If you are lover of high cuisine will not be certainly indifferent to the Nespresso Gourmet Weeks that take precedence, as we already got used, by innovation and differentiation.

The objective is to demonstrate that the coffee does not mark only the end of a meal, and may have a broader role in the cuisine.

The initiative is open to the public and the value of the menu defined by each restaurant.

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The Yeatman – Dinner release Port, 19 April

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Tea house of Boa Nova – Dinner launch Leça da Palmeira, April 20

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Antiqvvm – Dinner launch Porto, 28 April

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The restaurant Pedro Lemos – Dinner release Port, 4 may

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Trading post – Dinner release Lisbon, may 8

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Restaurant Henrique leis – Dinner release Vale Formoso (Almancil), 11 may

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Restaurant William – Dinner, launch Funchal, may 13th

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Soul – Dinner release Lisbon, may 14

Exclusive selection for high-level gastronomy

With Nespresso, there is excellence in a cup in a exclusive selection for High-level Gastronomy. Rediscover and enjoy these two new flavors coffee: Nepal Lamjung and Kilimanjaro Peaberry in this new selection.

These two cafes – Exclusive Selection – created by the specialists of Nespresso, they draw their richness and exclusivity of the regions of the world almost unexplored and mystical as the foothills of the Himalayas, Nepal (Asia), and the slopes of mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (Africa).

Your profile extraordinary allows dining experiences ever memorable in the restaurants Fine Dining (also unique) where they are served.

This year, the chefs were challenged to make the pairing of dessert with one of these two coffees so special:

Exclusive Selection Nepal Lamjung: a Native of the Himalayas, producing region one of the grain mai‘s rare in the world, this coffee is 100% arabica is grown, in quantities too limited for a group of three thousand farmers.

Each one handles their own beans, which are harvested manually. The result is a coffee with an accented character, with notes of fresh bread and toast, which contrasts with a velvety texture.

Exclusive Selection Kilimanjaro Peaberry: it Was on the highest mountain on the african in Tanzania, the experts Nespresso found one of the best varieties of Arabica in the world. In five percent of the crop, approximately, the cherry coffee-this variety produces only one grain in instead of the usual two.

To the palate, has for this reason great taste quality: a true concentrate of intense flavours.

Another feature of this grain is related to its smaller size and rounder shape than most of the other coffees, been grown, processed and dried by the farmers themselves. The unique conditions of growth of this plant give this cafe a profile fruity.


You will enjoy this unique dining experience. For more information see here