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Gourmet Experience: the new stars of Lisbon

Any conversation that begins with a sentence like this: three Portuguese, two spaniards and a mexican are on the top floor of a building, would be taken, usually as a joke. But not in this case. It is a serious matter, so serious that well made to the accounts gives as a result, in the same space, five chefs with Michelin stars, a thousand seats, 250 new jobs and an investment of around 7 million euros.

The Portuguese José Avillez, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Kiko Martins, the mexican Roberto Ruiz and the Spanish Pepe Solla and Aitor Ansorena are the stars that pass to light up the top floor of the El Corte Inglés Lisbon, and promise to make this the“Gourmet Experience” (already tested in other spaces in Spain) a serious case in the city. Made to the accounts only in stars, there are five available in this space that, in addition to shake Lisbon, it takes almost a whole world to the table. The proposals of the heads criss-cross the planet, with exotic flavors, original and, of course, with traditional Portuguese flavours.

José Avillez brand presence in the “Gourmet Experience” in three separate locations. In the Tavern Chic features a sophisticated space, contemporary and welcoming. Promises the genuine flavours of the typical traditional, in addition to the spirit of the chic and cosmopolitan Lisbon. There is bitoque, and also Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá with cream cebolada, or Peas with poached egg, bacon and sausage with white rice. Right next to the most award-winning national head features the Alligator, a space “Carnivoro/Vegetarian”, where as soon as a proof Picanha, Sirloin or’entrecôte in the coals, as if experiencing a Burger of Quinoa and Beetroot in the bread.

On the Counter, Henrique Sá Pessoa pays homage to the eateries and taverns of the country, with dishes that reveal a greater maturity and creativity with almost no limits. There is also a bitoque, but still serves duck rice in the oven, roast suckling pig and, for example, tartar whiting. Kiko Martins surprised with the Poke, with a letter of inspiration to the hawaiian, new with raw fish marinated in poke classic, tuna, gasket versions with salmon or octopus. Does not lack in the menu, the ceviche pure d The Cevicheria.

Still in a partnership with José Avillez, tell still find the Cascabel, the chef’s mexican Roberto Ruiz with a Michelin star on your Punto MX, which serves flavours mexican authentic and unique cocktails and irresistible, to the base of mescal. To the side is the Atlantic, the Chef Pepe Solla, Michelin Star for Casa Solla, a space marine-inspired, where you can taste authentic cuisine of Galicia. There is still the Imanol, which features the fusion of new trends with the Basque cuisine traditional, confecionada with quality products, by the hand of the Boss Aitor Ansorena.

But in a space of immensity, the “Gourmet Experience” still displays the The G Bar, the position of the Gin Lovers and the Club Del Gourmet , which allows for experimentation and proof of different products, wines and rarities with food, such as meats and cheeses D. O. P., belgian chocolates or homemade biscuits. There is also a Wine Bar that completes the offer of the exclusive wine cellar and allows you to taste the cheeses, hams or canned, accompanied by the best wines and sparkling wines by the glass.

Those who like sweets, you can count on Alcoa, masters of the convent sweets. In the showcases there are in the exhibition centuries of secrets and history that can be solved without searching in the acts of the Monastery of Alcobaça. In Godivthe witness-if the art of the chocolate of belgian origin and in the Landeau Chocolate tasting-the chocolate cake that the NY Times described as “A chocolate cake devilishly good!”. In Nannarella there are some of the most famous ice cream from Lisbon to prove, in La Gondola in the preserves that are part of the national culture, and the Dammann Frères, taste or take home some of the best teas in the World. There are 80 varieties and blends of tea, able to be seduced by the aromas and also by the elegance of the accessories and cans.

The “Gourmet Experience” (Avenida António Augusto Aguiar, 31, Lisbon, portugal) is available from Sunday to Thursday between 10h00 and 24h00, Friday and Saturday between 10.00 am to 1.00 am. The average price of a meal is €20.

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