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Gôut de France: Antiqvvm interprets French cuisine

Greatest symbol of sophistication and elegance to the table, France is synonymous with haute cuisine and gourmet. The interpretation of this cuisine unique shows to the table of 32 Portuguese restaurants this Tuesday, march 21, to celebrate, for the third consecutive year, the event Gôut de France.

To the outside world, the initiative gastronomic gasket 2 thousand heads of the kitchen. The goal is to “honor the excellence of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation and the values that it transmits: sharing, pleasure, respect for the health of your contemporaries and for the planet”, reads a press release of the event.

Participating restaurants serve this evening, at dinner, a menu “inspired by the ‘savoir-faire’ in French and pays homage to the excellence of the French cuisine”.

Elegance to the table

Following a thread that appreciates French cuisine in all its diversity, each menu should witness a kitchen to be concerned with the “eat well” and with the environment, using less fat, sugar and salt.

One of the spaces adherents is the restaurant Antiqvvm (Street Between Quintas, 220), in Porto, whose menu reflects this exquisite “know-how”. Between the flavors and aromas of the meal, scheduled for 20h00, suggests the aperitif Cremant de Bourgogne – Veuve Ambal Cuvée Brut; the Oyster – Caviar – Cucumber – Apple – Almonds, with Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique; Vieira – Celery – Trompetas – of-death Riesling, in the company of Trinbach – Riesling Classic 2013; sea Bass – Butter of Brittany – Shrimp – Ratatouille – Tarragon, with Domaine Luis Latour – Duet “Chardonanay – Viognier” 2014; Beef tenderloin Charolais – Foie Gras – Truffle – Tupinambor for you to enjoy with Confuron Contetidot – Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2013 and Tarte Tatin – Pear – Saffron- Toffé – Vanilla – Praliné – Hazel, accompanied by the Châteaux of Suau – Sauternes 2012. The dinner is €90 per person. Each restaurant commits to deliver 5% of sales to a local NGO, whose work will return to the respect of health and the environment.

Meet all the restaurants adhering to the ” Gôut de France by region:
The azores: the Amphitheatre, in Ponta Delgada
Wood: the Storehouse of the Salt, the Il Gallo d’oro and Wood-Bay View in Funchal
The Algarve: Vila Joya, in Albufeira, Overlooking the Restaurant of the Hotel Bela Vista in Portimão and Le Rendez-Vous, in Vilamoura.
Centre: the Houses of Bragal, and the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Coimbra,
Porto and the North: the B Side Cafe, Slapping Benedict Trinity, Tapa Bento, São Bento, Poivron Rouge, Antiqvvm and Hotel School of Oporto, Memorial, in Leça da Palmeira, Cheddar Grill & Fondue, in Matosinhos, Vintage, in Lamego, The Daisy, in São Romão, in the Guard.
Lisbon: Adlib, L Anisette, Bastard, Belcanto, Bistro Edelweiss, Bistro 4, Comptoir Parisien, Kitchen Popular da Mouraria, Guarda-Mor, Lisboète, River Lounge, Hotel School of Lisboa, and Hemingway in Cascais.

This year, the third edition of the event “Flavors of France in Celebration” includes a gastronomic contest in the Hotel Schools of Lisbon, Coimbra and Porto, whose menus winners will be served between 21 and 24 march.

Still in the same scope, on the 23rd, between 18: 30 and 21: 30, the Embassy of France promotes a presentation about the gastronomy of the region of Lyon: “Tresors gastronomiques de la région lyonnaise : quelques examples to (re)découvrir et à déguster”.

Learn everything in the official website of the Goût de France / Good France

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