Guilty: the irreverence of Olivier has arrived to the Algarve

Each year, the nights heat were marked by the festivals “Summer Guilty”, on the Falésia Beach, organized by Olivier Costa. The temperature rose even more in these times where the glamour, the rejection and even the audacity began at dinner time and lasting through the night. Give up to open a space in residence in the summer in the algarve is one step. At the Disco Lick, where one day it worked the Kadok, opened this week the Guilty Algarve, and the nights in the south will not return to be the same.

The new restaurant of Olivier da Costa has an area of approximately 400 square meters is a modern and highly industrial, as that the extend of the restaurant Guilty Lisbon. For being a space saving, it was intended to spread more color for the space with 120 seats, terrace and bar, where the pontifical a wall with about 8 meters with characters from the cartoon.

The charter of the Guilty Algarve maintains the philosophy of “Casual food with a twist”, a characteristic of Olivier da Costa. And it also takes the dishes that symbolize the home of Lisbon, such as the “Challenge Super Guilty” which consists of be covers to eat a super burger with 500 grams of meat and side dishes in just 60 minutes. Those who overcome the challenge, you don’t pay. If you exceed the time stipulated, will cost €50.

For proposals more light, the card of the Guilty Algarve begins with fresh salads: Caprese (€12), Salmã (€16,50), Chevre Chaud (€16), Pappardelle (€16) and Caesar Chicken (€16) or Shrimp (€18,50). There is even a tender Tropical (€18). The masses include the Pomodoro (€14), Carbonara (€15), Bolognese (€15) and Verdi (€15). It would be impossible that Olivier da Costa to stop outside the Mac Guilty and Cheese, with elbows, a special selection of cheeses au gratin, spinach and mushrooms (€18).

Novelty in the charter of the Guilty Algarve is the “Guiltyzinha”, a Pizza coming directly out of the Harbour to the wood oven of the house, with tomato sauce, mortadella, shredded beef, selection of cheeses, egg and a special sauce of francesinha (€22). In the rest of the proposals of Pizza there are five deadly sins such as Vanity (€16), the Lust (€18), the Wrath (€18), Envy (€15) and the Laziness (€16). You can even choose by Hell (€15), or by an irreverent Pizza Japanese (€18).

End the night being “100% Guilty” with a Pizza Nutella with strawberries (€11), Pana Cota (€7), Petit Gateau Chocolate (€8) or with a Crumble of Apple with vanilla ice cream (€7). If the nights in the algarve will not return to be equal, with the opening of Guilty Algarve (Estr. Vilamoura, Boliqueime, Albufeira), every day between 19: 00 and 04h00 in the morning, soon it will be the turn of Cascais and Porto received a visit from the head. Olivier da Costa prepares to take the concept Guilty of “Casual food with a twist” to these two cities.

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