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High cuisine and the best wines of the world in six days of the festival in the Algarve

Every two years (since 2013), the Vila Vita Parc resort in Alporchinhos, algarve municipality of Lagoa, organizes the Fine Wines & Food Fair, which is assumed as the most important festival of high gastronomy, wines and gourmet products made in Portugal.

The numbers involved are impressive (though not surprised those who track the daily work of the Vila Vita Parc): 5 dinners and 1 lunch unique, including a Kitchen Party; 48 heads of national and international renown, making a total of 51 Michelin stars; more than 30 producers of wines and other gourmet products, from the famous Alvaro Palacios, Vranken Pommery and Altos Las Hormigas, up to the national Anselmo Mendes, winemaker Dirk Niepoort and Luis Pato.

In countdown, the Fine Wines & Food Fair begins on the day 15 may, with a very special dinner and ends on day 20 (Saturday), in apotheosis, with a Kitchen Party, that gathers in various spaces of the resort, dozens of cooking stations, each led by a chief of renown, from the host, Hans Neuner (2 Michelin stars, and Golden Fork, the Guide Good Bed Good Table, in the Ocean, a restaurant of fine dinning at the resort), to the “Portuguese fried” Henrique Sá Pessoa, Luis Pestana, Miguel Laffan, Rui Paula, Rui Silvestre and Vítor Matos. In the latter event (€275), considered to be “an experience of tasting unique dining”, each participant will be able to taste a dish from each of the heads, as well as taste some of the world’s best wines and gourmet products, such as the “Imperial Caviar”. Gifts will also be well-known chefs, such as Juan Amador and Jacob Jan Boerma (3 Michelin stars).

Also, in the beginning of the festival Fine Wines & Food Fair at Vila Vita Parc promises to become the story of the great gastronomic event in Portugal. In the Atlantico restaurant, the “Dinner in Bordeaux Imperial René Gabriel”, known as “The Pope of Wine” and the author of the famous book “The Bible of Wine”, where are gathered the best nectars in the world. An unusual event in the national territory, this dinner will be harmonized with “a careful selection of 8 wines of Bordeaux, all above 94 Points Parker, in bottles Imperial (6 liters), between which Cos d’estournel 1995 Monbousquet 1999 and Pichon Baron 2000. In the kitchen, preparing for this night only will be 5 heads of international fame, among which Eckart Witzigmann, who was elected “Chef of the Century”, the Restaurant Ikarus in Hangar-7 (3 Michelin stars) and Silvio Nickol, Palais Coburg, and Dieter Koschina, the algarve, Vila Joya (both with 2 Michelin stars). This dinner, which is exclusive for 30 people, costs €380.

Throughout the week, the festival program includes other unique moments, with a dinner dedicated to the stars of the cuisine of Switzerland, Austria and Spain, and for lunch “Snack Chic – Barcelona Style” (€48, with drinks), to be held on may 19, which will be held at the restaurant Golden Beach, in the beach of Armação de Pêra, with the presence of the chief Spanish Evaristo Triano, responsible for one of the best paellas in the world, ensures the organization of the festival.

The Vila Vita Parcresort in the algarve an international benchmark, has been recognized in recent years with many awards, Good Bed Good Table, including the Platinum Key, in 2015, and the Fork of Platinum, to your restaurant Ocean, in 2011. Currently, the business group that owns the resort, is in the phase of expansion of its hotel supply, with the creation recently of the Vila Vita Collection, which includes several dwellings, luxury on the beach of Salema. The same universe are part of the Herdade dos Grous, in the Alentejo, the Quinta do Valbom, in the Douro, which presented very recently their first wines.

(Text published in Express daily 04/05/2017)

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