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“High food” in the Alentejo

With a quick shutdown in Beja to reset energies (to understand-if you fill the belly), went straight to the deep Alentejo in the direction of the waterfall of Pulo do Lobo. As the time was not pleasant to ride, walk along the banks of the Guadiana have drifted slightly from the route and went to kill the longing of the good regional food of Alentejo. We call it “haute cuisine” because we understand it to be one of the most genuine and the richest in the country.

Toi Headlights

Is memorable for the good food coming directly out of the grid, where the black pig is king. Abanicos (€9) and pens (€11) are two of the specialties of the charter of the Toi Headlights and accompany with tomato salad. Per order, there are thrushes grilled, rabbit and chickpea stew.
Rua Venancio Rosa Gabriel, 6, Beja. Tel. 284 361 130

Brewery Lebrinha

We were heartbroken with the rumor that the brewery’s flagship Serpa would be to close the doors. Luckily the step of a misunderstanding popular and the truth is that the Lebrinha remains firm and strong to hold the title of the best imperial in the world defends the delicacies of meat and fish with the same devotion and even adds suggestive photos to the menu so that there can be no doubt in the height of choose. Regardless of what you choose, the bifana, “as a dessert”, is mandatory.
The street of the Calvary, 6/8 , Serpa. Tel.284 549 311

The Alentejo

Home reference, this Alentejo has more than 30 years of service in the defence of the regional cuisine. The cooked grain is one of the ex-libris of the house, but it is suggested the half dose, so don’t miss to taste the famous meat alentejo style, confecionada as is the tradition. The first room at the entrance, serves as the cafe of the village, and it is common, just by the fresh, find some brave already huddled over a plate of cheese and ham and a red wine of the house.
Rua Grande, 3, Moreanes, Mertola. Tel. 286 655 133

The Mill

The experience accumulated by the couple Parrinha has finally found this space, own your splendor. The living room of The Mill calls the attention by putting up a statue of a donkey in real size between the tables. The cooked grain (€7) and beans to the alentejo (Saturdays), the lamb stew and the wild boar stew are the specialties of this house.
The street of the Arch 38-B, Almodôvar. Tel. 286 400 156

Castro da Cola

On the front porch, the olive trees make shade and company in the days warmer, and the field provides the aromas perfect to accompany the meal, full of regional flavors. The kitchen in the Castro da Cola is homemade, made by who knows, with particular expertise in the preparation of bread with meat of pig, lamb stew, fish soup and cabidela de galinha. The wine list is exclusively Portuguese alentejo.
Castro da Cola, Ourique. Tel. 286 516 400

John Heads

Tavern known for famous heads of lamb (€4,50), reason for the pilgrimage of the people of the four corners of the country. Are barred with garlic and salt and sprinkled with lard and vinegar. Arrive at the table freshly out of the oven and the smoke. The John of the Heads you have at your disposal knives to facilitate the process of escarafunchar the flesh of the most hidden corners.
The street of Acclaim, 60, Castro Verde. Tel. 286 322 317

The Stabling

Could be known for offering the best feijoada of pork in the country (€8). The kitchen d The Stabling is a master in everything that involves meat on the grill and in the pan), since the put or chop mirandese DOP, going by the tenderloin of black pork, the stuck with the migas and the feathers. In the right season, there is also the wild rabbit fried and açorda de perdiz. Not missing in the menu, the lamb chickpea stew, lamb stew, wild boar stew and the fish soup.
Rua do Poço, 14, Entries, Castro Verde. Tel. 286 915 491

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