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Himitsu Sushi Bar: in Japan the two chopsticks Mafra

Each time Gabriel, the Thinker, the famous brazilian musician crosses the Atlantic for a visit to Portugal, it is certain and well known that, if the schedule so permits, the beaches of the World Surfing Reservein Ericeira, are a must. Passionate about this sport, Gabriel the Thinker is already in the house, and almost nor is it news every time that goes up to the board and faces some of the best waves in the country. At night, the area of Ericeira is chosen for relaxation, meals, these, are in Himitsu Sushi Bar in Mafra, also already a kind of canteen of the brazilian musician.

More of that friendship with the owners and all the staff of the house, which leads Gabriel the Thinker to Himitsu Sushi Bar, located on the street that leads to the square where the imposing presents the Mafra National Palace, are the proposals of the best traditional japanese cuisine and fusion, never forgetting the freshness and quality of ingredients. In an area where the tradition has weight, although it is about 25 kilometers from Lisbon, and the proposals of the recovery to be a little creative, the Himitsu Sushi Bar assumes also, with success, the role lead the kitchen of the World to Mafra.

So the experience is more complete, the Himitsu Sushi Bar (Rua Serpa Pinto, 19, in Mafra. Tel. 261 853 562) offers every day at lunch, a menu that goes through the high points of the letter. There is the“Combined” 12 (€ 11,50) and 15 parts (12,50), with Temaki/Gyosas and Miso, with tea or water included) and also a “Menu Temaki” with 3 Free (€12,50), and a large “tasting Menu” (€14,90.

In the regular letter, the Himitsu Sushi Bar leve to the table as entries in the “Miso”soup traditional japanese single (€1,50), or with Slivers of Fish (€2,50), “Ramen”, a broth of bases varied with Yakisoba, (€9,90), and several “Temaki”, nori seaweed, rice and the“salmon Tataki with mango”, “Tempura shrimp, japanese mayonnaise and sweet chili”, “Shrimp, cucumber, mango and japanese mayonnaise”, “Cheviche shrimp with sweet chili”, “Chopped tuna with green onion”, “Chopped tuna, togarashi, mango and japanese mayonnaise”, “Salmon, chopped, strawberry, cream cheese and tobiko black” (€5) or even “Fruit and vegetables” or “Chopped salmon with chives and cream cheese” (€4,50).

The “Teppanyaki” of Himitsu Sushi Bar are 10 units of “Shrimp Sweet Chilli” (€6,50), “Chicken Teryaki” (€5), “Espetadinhas chicken” (€4,95), “Burger-sealed Salmon, with a marinade of lime and Teryaki, with Gohan” (€4,95) and, among other proposals, “Noodles sautéed with vegetables” (€2,50). For those who think that they don’t like japanese gastronomy there is always a tender meat matured, a “Satsuma-imo Sutēki”, that is, Loaf Meat Matured accompanied with Chips of Sweet Potato and Vegetables (€18,90).

Scroll through the letter of Himitsu Sushi Bar allows you to still enjoy “Gyosas”, the pastries grilled on the plate served with a sauce Himitsu, (€4), “Tempura”, the japanese version of our peixinhos da horta, (5 units) that can be “Vegetables” (€7), “Shrimp with almonds”, (€9,90), “Shrimp crispy with basil and a mango chutney curry” (€10,90), or “Crab soft shell” (€11,90). There are still 8 units of the “Hot sushi”, which include “Hot roll yaki” (Salmon, cream cheese with polme of tempura, panko, strawberry and teriyaki) (€6,25), “Hot tuna yaki” (Tuna, cream cheese with polme tempura and teriyaki) (€7,75), “Hot salmon” (Salmon, cream cheese with polme tempura and green onion) (€6,25), and, among other hypotheses, “Hot banana” (Salmon, cream cheese with polme of tempura, panko, bananas, cinnamon and teriyaki) (€6,25).

In Himitsu Sushi Bar there are still “Carpaccio and Tartar”, “Gunkan” Traditional and Fusion, and various specialties, such as “Tataki of loin of tuna sealed in sesame oil with onion confit, onion and crunchy teriyaki” (€11,90), “Cannelloni of salmon braseado with a tempura shrimp and creamy kimuchi” (€9,50), “Ebi rol” (uramaki with tempura shrimp, cream cheese, chives and salmon to cover the roll) (€9,90) and “Chirashi” (5 varieties of fish on a base of rice, eggs and vegetables) (€11,90), and of course, several “Uramaki”, “Sushi” and “Sashimi”.

The Himitsu Sushi Bar is open Tuesday to Saturday, lunch and dinner. Sunday only serves lunch.

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