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Home Lisbon: Portugal served in the Terreiro do Paço

Lisbon is considered, by some, the best city in the world. Whatever the definition of “best” and the podium of each one, there is no doubt that the capital receives more tourists today than ever before. In the Terreiro do Paço, there is a house which serves delicious typical Portuguese food. The restaurant Casa Lisboa invites not only foreigners, but all the Portuguese people, delighting himself with the tradition, the flavor and the quality of the country that has given that talk.

In the restaurant Casa Lisboa (Praça do Comércio, the West Wing, 9-12. Tel. 213 470 871) the menu is composed only by Portuguese dishes, some more faithful to the original recipe, the other with space for the creativity of the chef Luis Gaspar, who warns that the kitchen only to come out the dishes that he will eat. The products arriving from all over the country, what matters is the quality, since that part of the secret is there. As is the case of the Clams ” bulhão Pato (€18), prepared exclusively with clam-good of the Ria Formosa, that is, with an additional guarantee of excellent flavor.

In a Portuguese restaurant, I could not miss the Bacalhau à Brás (€16) or the roast suckling pig (€16). But there are still other tips that should not stop to prove. The Peixinhos da horta (€8) or the Pica-pau (€18) to begin and/or to share the meal, are a good suggestion. Already the seafood Rice (€16) or the Octopus on the grill (€16) remind us of how good it is to be Portuguese. Before the end save room for the Pineapple of the Azores, on the grill (€6) or the Pudding Abade regional egg (€6).

You can also count with a list of cocktails author (€12) carefully prepared only with drinks typically Portuguese, such as Sour lemon and rosemary with strawberry rum, or Liqueur of bitter almond and the flower of salt.

A square that has seen born and die designs from names such as José Cordeiro and Vitor Sobral, the chef Luis Gaspar presents the House Lisbon as a living room dining visits, or is, an invitation gastronomy typically Portuguese who arrives from the outside, but also to all those who, living here, are willing to revive the memory, in relation to the good flavors national. To help with the success of this new project, the restaurant has a huge terrace (200 seats), ideal for rest (and eat) the whirlwind of tourists that invade every day the Terreiro do Paço (or Praça do Comércio).

In relation to the new Cutting Room, Luís Gaspar, who won the edition 2017 of the competition Chef of the Year, promises news soon. It is best to be aware of during the next few days…

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