Hotel Rural Quinta do Marco: praise to the algarve in dinner wine

It is almost a secret. And, in fact, often fancy not to reveal. But, the truth is that in the mountainous zone of Tavira, algarve, more precisely in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, a quiet village on the edge of the Serra do Caldeirão, has a piece that is pure Algarve.

In Hotel Rural Quinta do Marco, with a magnificent view that reaches to the Ria Formosa, the panoramic restaurant is almost a bible of gastronomy of the algarve. Flavors pure in the region, the mountains and the sea, worked by the hand of the chief Benjamin Bívar that, sometimes, on special dishes, with the precious contribution of experience and taste of the family that owns the hotel. In an area where the olive oil already has an international reputation, are the products of the time, some produced on the farm itself, that provide the menus throughout the year. At lunch and dinner, with a pleasant room and a terrace (which is covered and can be closed), with a view of delight, it is possible to taste and discover the flavours and aromas the strongest of the algarve cuisine, highly influenced by the people, currents and breezes of the Mediterranean.

It is in this context that, this evening (27 October), the Hotel Rural Quinta do Marco (Site of the Marco-Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, Tavira. Tel. 281 971 500 / 281 971 592) organizes a dinner wine, with the labels in the algarve Al-Ria, Casa Santos Lima.

Thus, starting from 19h30, will be able to count with a welcome cocktail, followed by a menu of praise to the Algarve (food and wine). Horse try on bed of red onion, mousse of beet, carrot canned algarve and seasoned olives receive the guests, with a glass of Al-Ria Rose, following, as input, a Cream griséus with muxama and croutons of garlic. For the less familiar, griséus is the name that people give to the peas. As fish suggests-if Octopus à Lagareiro, accompanied with Al-Ria-White, and in meat, the mountains turn to gain the spotlight with Chambão of lamb in the oven with polenta rustic and grilled vegetables, harmonized with Al-Ria Tinto. The tinto reserva that preserves to the end, to “marry” with the dessert: Parfait of figs. With booking required, this dinner costs €25 (wine included).

This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the panoramic restaurant of the Hotel Rural Quinta do Marco, that at the end of the year will be subject to renovation works. Near Tavira, but in an area more inland, this hotel has gained a new soul, in 2016, the result of a new approach and philosophy. Here, it is intended to show the most pure, genuine Algarve countryside, with a variety of activities and experiences associated with it. Each of the 24 rooms (from €165) was baptized with the name of a plant in the region, which serves as inspiration for the decor. At breakfast, you can notice the difference of the flavors, as a large part of the products is from the property.

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