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In the Algarve, between appetizers and the seafood…

Barnacles, clams, razor clam, oysters, shrimp are some of the fruits of the sea that fill the tables of the taverns and restaurants, with greater emphasis for the summer months. But, tell also, in this route from the algarve, snacks and seafood, snails, octopus, and fish-king, in addition to glasses full and the conversations animated. With the arrival of August, the country heads to the south… Good food and Good Holiday!

Casa de Pasto Algarve
It is one of the favorite places of chef Vítor Sobral in the Algarve, which here says to eat the “best alhada strip” of the region. Very close to the Market of Olhão, this is a typical house, without pretensions, but with a kitchen full hand. Preferably on the terrace, but if the heat pinch, pick-up in the living room interior of Casa de Pasto Algarve and invest in traditional dishes, such as anchovies saddled with rice tomato. Tell with pots that have a variety of seafood and casseroles, but also squid stuffed or fried and, of course, with razor bulhão Pato. The price can be a pleasant surprise. Praça Patrão Joaquim Lopes, 18, Olhão. Tel. 289 702 470

The house of the Octopus – Tasquinha
If he found it impossible to devote a menu almost exclusively to the octopus, think again. Here, we prepare all types of pitéus, from the rlss to the croquette of octopus (€1,20), the patanisca (€1,50), the espetadinha (€1,50), the burger (€6,80), up to the octopus to the galician. The squid is well represented in many other dishes and snacks, mouth-watering. In the warmer months and have patience that the House of the Octopus – Tasquinha is always full. Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, 8, Santa Luzia. Tel. 281 328 527

Ribeira do Poço
Start with the fish soup (€3,50), to make padding for the following steps, which stand out, between the supply of shellfish, limpets, mussels and Spanish (€12) and the barnacles (€10,50), caught by shellfish locations, are part of the gastronomic culture of this area of the Algarve. Ask for toasted bread to accompany and a good appetite, preferably on the terrace of the banks of the Pit. Rua Ribeira do Poço, 11, Vila do Bispo. Tel. 282 639 075

Coffee Hunters
Sports without modesty, the title of “King of Snack”. In fact, the snacks are not lacking: cockles, clams, barnacles, whelks, eels, chips, lulinhas, choquinhos with ink are only part of the menu. You can add other temptations, such as fish roe-cock, the octopus salad, the dicks, and the fried pork. On average, the appetizers, served in the saucer, it cost €5. The Coffee Hunters, of course, also offers game dishes at the right time. Don’t forget to ask for the “carminhos fried”. As you can read on the facade: “Bring the ceiling that we have the material.” If you are lost, ask directions to the Oak, that everyone knows where it is. Street 1.Th May, 21, São Bartolomeu de Messines. Tel. 966 417 632

The Vidaul
It is not easy to find, but with some attention there if it arrives in this small space, where the terrace with some colorful chairs draws attention. Inside, a balcony corrido receive the customers, who after you ask for a menu written on the walls you can use one of the few tables in the room. Disclaim as specialists in snails to the algarve (€6), but the real surprise comes with the fried eel, perfect, without excess oil, and extremely crispy. There are still oysters, pica-pau, cockles, clams and barnacles, as well as a few fresh anchovies, among other snacks, which may take a little longer to be served by to be all done at the moment. Despite the slow service, the quality of the products used justifies the wait. Finish off with a regional candy and a strawberry. Ferreiras, Albufeira. Tel. 289 571 554

Snack Bar Tico Tico
In the interior area of Quarteira passes almost unnoticed, even in the summer, the queues to draw attention. While waiting, take a look at the showcase of the fresh of Snack Bar Tico Tico, with many seafood ready to follow to the dish, you know the places, passing by the shells, by the traditional colhões cuttlefish (roe), shrimp, crabs and crabs. There are still other snacks, at attractive prices, such as the mackerel try (€1) and the octopus salad (€5). Everything is done in front of customers, after you have chosen the seafood. To finish on a high, nothing better than a preguinho (€3). Rua das Laranjeiras, 2, Quarteira. Tel. 289 313 126

The Alhinho
Before entering take a look at the showcase of the fish. There is a modest home with few tables. The secret to greater d The Alhinho, in addition to the quality of the gastronomic offer, is on a terrace at the back. Here, in the open air, enjoy the honest kitchen of this house. The walls confirm the satisfaction of the clients. There are several snacks (€2,50), with highlight for the fried cuttlefish, here done in a way different from the traditional Setúbal, as well as several salads (such as the traditional octopus and roe), but also tempting preserves, clams and whelks. The fish, of great quality, also surprises, starting with the anchovy fresh. Urbanização Fonte Santa, Quarteira. Tel. 915 113 532

Brewery Sea
Until recently it was not very easy to find more than a couple of good fish restaurants in Aljezur. The proximity of the coast was here sprout like mushrooms, but only recently is that the supply began to compose, even more with this new brewery. To snack at the Brewery Sea there are barnacles, shrimp, and fried prawns, whelks, clams and the woodpecker. More seriously, demands the passage by the cataplana partridge. Street School, 13, Aljezur. Tel. 282 994 155

The Kiosk at the Auction
Opens very soon at around 7: 00 in the morning, to give the “mata-bicho” to the fishermen, who end up leaving the freshest fish and shellfish at auction there to the side. It is frequent to see them pass with some snacks inside the bucket direct to the grid, where it will be cooked by experienced hands. The Tavern of the Auction is a single space, to remember a true tasca, where we glimpse the typical movement of the fish auctions of fish. What there is of the labor came first, with a freshness enviable, with some of the seafood still alive and ready to be built. Note the simple way as the grid prepares product, but let yourself be seduced by the preparations that the kitchen, in the traditional way, does get to the table. To avoid discussions, has all the brands of beer available in the market on drinks. Does not accept cards. Dock Fishing, Lakes. Tel. 282 764 048

Seafood Restaurant Rui
In a central street of Silves, with a terrace extended along the entire façade, this restaurant is a place of worship for over three decades in the art of the mariscada in the family. In the summer, take a deep breath while waiting your turn. Ask an imperial for help quench the thirst and the time. The list of seafood from the Seafood restaurant Rui is long and varied, as well as the supply of fresh fish from the algarve coast. The specialties of the house include, in addition to the expected shrimp, razor clam, razor-fish, lobster, clams and crab, casseroles mixed and, as with any brewery worth its salt, a preguinho in the bread, which may very well be one of the best of the Algarve (be careful with the power of the chilli). Whenever available, bet on cockles (€12) or in the canilhas (€14). To share family, a shoe cabinet (€30/kg) is always an option, as well as variations of mariscadas. Rua Comendador Vilarinho, 27, Silves. Tel. 282 442 682

Seafood Restaurant Fialho
Even on top of the ria Formosa, in the small town of Luz de Tavira and next to a residential neighborhood that goes completely unnoticed, it is not a space that strives very much to please in matters beyond food. And it’s good that this is so. There are three possible choices from the table in the Seafood restaurant Fialho: in the interior room, with air-conditioning, on the outside, which is a sort of terrace improvised with a roof of reeds and the tables of races that are separated to the extent of the clientele, and the outdoor terrace. We call it so because it is a set of tables and chairs placed outdoors, in this case a tiny island of sand that forms in the ria. It is just across the road and take a seat, and someone will appear to treat the orders. The letter is extensive, and essentially dedicated to the fish and local seafood. Everything that if you are looking for when you go to a seafood restaurant can be found here, at prices that allow for a few extravagances. As the sea rice takes about a half hour to prepare, give time to entertain. And to begin with, asks if the fish-king fried (€7,50). The showcase at the entrance came the bellies of tuna, a serving of cockles and another of razors, even the time of the clay pan landing on the table. During the summer it is mandatory to make a reservation at least two days in advance to ensure place. IN 1339, 1090, AND Luz de Tavira. Tel. 281 961 222

The house of the Church
This house boasts the title of the best place to eat oysters in the Algarve. Out from the top, the view to the ria Formosa is, in itself, an asset to this place. The menu is made of appetizers, and nothing more! Are served oysters, obviously, but there are also other shellfish, such as cockles, clams and shrimp. Choice, in the House of the Church, without losing time, one of the tables on the terrace to enjoy during the afternoon and evening hours.
The street of Cacela Velha, 2, Cacela Velha. Tel. 965 891 240

This article was published in the edition of the Express Diary day 2 August 2018.

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