Inn Tapas: mesa caliente in Lisbon

Is greater, more varied and modern: the restaurant: the mesón de Tapas has opened in El Corte Inglés Lisbon with space and the charter renewed.

In addition to the already famous pinchos, among other tapas to share, the charter account now with news like grilled on charcoal. With a touch of the cuisine and spices of the various regions of Spain, the recent specialities are cured meats, pork and wagyu on charcoal.

Being tapas the strong of the house (from €1,95), they deserve a tasting special. Between cold and hot, it is worthwhile to try the Peppers of the piquillo with the filling of crab (€4,80), Salmorejo (€3,20) or Russian Salad with ventresca tuna (€5,40). In the hot, let yourself be tempted by the traditional Potatoes bravas with a spicy sauce (€3,30), Black pudding from Burgos with apple (€5,20) or chick-peas with shrimp (€7,20).

Between the snacks to the Spanish highlights-a variety of dishes: Bocatins, sausages and cheeses, such as Ham Joselito Iberian Acorn (from $ 15); Eggs, revueltos , and tortillas, with relief to the Revuelto de gambas and green asparagus (€9,45).

In the dishes, the variety continues, separating the prices go as Loin of cod with pisto manchego (€7,70), tuna Loin with roasted vegetables (€10,60) or the Tail of the bull with a mixture of mushrooms (€9,60) and classic always between studs, bitoque, or pica-pau (from €7,20).

To accompany there are sangrias, beers, ciders and wines, Spanish of course, also by the glass: white René Barbier Kraliner white (€2,95/glass) and Maqués Riscal Sauvignon Blanc (€3,95/cup) and in the reds, Sangre del Toro (€3,95/glass) or Protos Roble (€4,95) are only a few copies available.

“Leche” fried (€2,60) and Pantxineta (Puff of Pamplona) (€3,40) are the larger specimens of sweet to this charter that has a wide variety of desserts.

The Inn of Tapas continues situated in semi-basement of the El Corte Inglés department store, but now in front of the Supermarket, and with a capacity for 84 people.

Bet on the make of the cuisine of a flag, El Corte Inglés has bet strong in the area of the restoration. In the Gourmet Experience, for example, diversity is not only a promise but the reality. Here you will find proposals drawn up by five chefs awarded with Michelin stars, among the Portuguese José Avillez, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Kiko Martins, the mexican Roberto Ruiz and the Spanish Pepe Solla and Aitor Ansorena, in addition to a bar of Gin, another of wine, a space for teas, sweets, Alcoa, chocolatier Godiva, in the preserves of La Gondola in a universe of opçõs that represent a clear commitment of the large warehouses in this area.

In the same follow-up, also the store Häagen Dazs has been renovated and extended, featuring now with a desk top dimension and a greater supply, in particular the level of the crepes, keeping the 20 varieties of ice creams, milkshakes and desserts with cakes and fruit.

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