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Is decided, this is the best patanisca of Lisbon!

Is found the winner of the second edition of the Contest of the Patanisca of Lisbon. Among the ten finalists to the test, were chosen the representatives of the restaurant “D, Cod”, in the Parque das Nações, in Lisbon. Assessed in terms of “Appearance”, “Taste and the consistency of the interior”, the “Balance between the ingredients”, of “Absence of excessive fats” and “overall Flavor”, the th prepared by the kitchen of the restaurant “D, Cod” have received the ballot-maximum of the jurors.

The second and third places of the competition, where they were evaluated ten proposals of th, were assigned to the restaurants “Club Fish” and “House of Cod”, respectively. Maria de Lourdes Modesto, president of the jury, found at the end noted “that from last year to this year in the layoffs of the restaurants there are more cod”. The competition was organized by the epicure Virgilio Gomes, and was attended with the assessment of Alexandra Prado Coelho, John Ceppas, Pedro Sommer Ribeiro and Pedro Cruz Gomes.

To compete in this second edition of the Contest of the Patanisca of Lisbon were still seven other restaurants. Submitted bids, the restaurants, The Perch, Laurentina, Without a Doubt, the Taberna da rua das Flores Street, the Balcony of Lisbon’s Hotel World, the Refuge of the Flavors and the House of Food. Note that the Club of the Fish, distinguished in the second place, attended for the first time, and that the House of Cod, classified in the third position, was the restaurant that won the first edition of the competition. Interestingly, the winner this year was in the third position, in 2017.

The second edition of the Contest of the Patanisca of Lisbon is an organization of the Fish in Lisbon, gastronomic event dedicated to the kitchen of the sea, which takes place at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes up to the 15th of April.

In the grounds of the pavilion, ten renowned chefs and restaurants of the Lisbon region work in residence with a range of dishes based on fish and seafood. This year, the restaurants present at the event are the House of the Cod ‘s head João Bandeira, PLACE of chef Alexandre Silva, Mariscador of the chief Rodrigo Castle, Arola of the Penha Longa Resort, chef Sergi Arola, Chef Kiko Martins, Kanazawa chef Paulo Morais, Tavern Thin of chef André Magalhães, the Ibo ‘s chief John Pedrosa, Ritz Four Seasons Hotel Lisbon chef Pascal Meynard and Ribamar, the chief Hélder Chagas, the only restaurant that has always been present in all editions of the Fish in Lisbon.

In addition to presentations in the auditorium and of the 10 restaurants, the event counts with several harmonies and also a Gourmet Market that operates continuously between 12.00 and 00.00 hours.

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