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Is hot! Is chilli! Is Spicy! Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon offers the burger to more spicy than ever!

The initiative could be summed up as more of an eccentricity of the “American way of life”. Until Sunday, the 26th of February, the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon will celebrate National Chilli Day, challenging the more daring to ‘ prove “your burger more spicy always” made with Italian sausage Nduja and three types of beans spicy, add sauce and Scotch Bonnet , which, as the name indicates, is made on the base of this type of malaguetas. The Nduja Chilli Burger costs €16,75.

That is, in the United States, the National Chilli Day celebrates on February 23, in the Portuguese capital, the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon joins the celebration the hottest part of the year, presented, in addition to this burger, a variation of asinhas chicken “to eat and to boil it for more” baptized of Atomic Chicken Wings (€11,75), which are also covered with sauce and Scotch Bonnet. If you are still not convinced, know that the Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon has also a spicy cocktail, the Apple Chilli Martini, with vodka-based, and mixed with green apple, fresh and syrup, chilli, garnished with chilli and a slice of apple. And, as the menu which is the menu you must have a dessert, take a deep breath and dare to bite into the Chilli’s Molten Lava Cake (€9,45), a chocolate cake moist, covered with hot chocolate and served with compote of strawberry, spicy.

For all those who claim to be the spicy just a soft drink, Hard Rock Cafe Lisbon challenges all the customers, between day 20 and 24, during the usual Happy Hour (17: 00/19: 00) to participate in a contest which intended to reward those who manage to eat the largest number of Atomic Chicken Wings in just 15 minutes, with the help of just a beer! And, as with any contest, in this also there is a premium and quite refreshing: 24 cans of beer. Check that, for each day, can only participate in five competitors and that the entry costs €10.

Good luck!

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