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Is it a restaurant? A beer? A bar? A swimming pool? Yes, it is the LDS Lisbon!

Day 11 June was a day of great joy, like that of great relief. Two and a half years later, the ancient Piazza di Mare, and the BBC, gave place to the LDS Lisbon, an audacious project of the hotel group in SANA, thus making his debut in the strand gastronomic and lifestyle, in a privileged location, next to the Tagus river. Embargoes and millions of investment to the part, the LDS Lisbon is doomed to success and, to confirm the first impact, it was enough to pass through the space soon after the inauguration to notice that the effect of novelty and/or curiosity was sufficient to test the various services offered by the new project (divided into the Terrace and the Hall, are explained throughout the text).

By the photos circulated immediately on social networks, the explanation of the LDS Lisbon (Avenida Brasilia – Pavilhão Poente. Tel. 211 592 700) will start from top to bottom, or either, of the tantalizing and striking infinity pool facing the Tagus is installed on the first floor, called Pool Bar & Shisha Lounge. This is one of the aspects of LDS Lisbon Terrazza, which includes a restaurant, terrace, bar and coffee shop takeaway. With the opening in the morning (8.00 am) and closing at the end of the afternoon, the access to the pool area costs €35, limited to a maximum of 35/40 people, and with the right towel, sun lounger and, of course, plenty of selfies with the river, the Christ the King or the April 25th Bridge as a backdrop. The pool has a support service, with cocktails and snacks. After 18: 00, this entire area transforms into a beautiful bar, with a capacity far greater and that is open until 2: 00 a.m. and where the shishas gain strong leadership.

Descending down the stairs encaracoladas or by elevator, you reach the heart of the SUD Lisbon Terrazza, the area of the restaurant, bar and terrace, with capacity for up to 240 people. The decor of the space transports the visitor to a cosmopolitan and refined but at the same time informal and modern, thanks to the colours and materials used, but also to the decorative details such as the location of the cabin of the DJ (yes, the LDS Lisbon also has music), and the colors that mark the area of the bar lounge. Closer to the Tagus river, the terrace has a covered area, more relaxed, and even a row of tables and some sofas, which invite you to a glass at the end of the afternoon.

The LDS Lisbon Terrazza is defined as a “downtown diner”, based on a concept of food sharing, and with areas suitable for every moment of the day, which includes an exclusive area for the main meals (lunch and dinner), without that turn off the parties, on the contrary, there is a standing invitation to the interaction between the various areas throughout the day. “There is a strong focus on entertainment with the resident DJ, saxophonist and live music. The space is, as well as the day, mutant: for every moment of a meal, a type of music, a unique environment”, explain those responsible for the project.

From 8: 00 am and until 11: 30, tell with a breakfast service to the Portuguese or to English, with the pastry thin, sweet, and healthy options like yogurt with cereals, fresh juices, and detox or granizados fruit (menus from €11). After lunch you can share with a classic Afternoon Tea, and, still before the hour of dinner, with a menu of appetizers, Italian that includes, among other options, always with the possibility of sharing boards of cheeses and sausages that can be harmonized with wines, bruschetta, carpaccio, paninos, focaccias and pizza by the metre (there is an oven at the entrance, near one of the bars and the wine cellar, with more than a hundred references).

Mediterranean cuisine with Italian chef

In a space that if you want cosmopolitan, bet on that to the gastronomic offer relates, it fell about the so-called mediterranean cuisine, here, of very strong Italian influence, as the chief executive officer a native of this country: Carlo Di Nunzio, who after a long international career has landed purposely in Lisbon for this project. Are served for lunch menu-executive directors, but there are also a la carte options, with various suggestions of the head. In fact, the menu is extensive, very extensive, and is common at lunch and dinner, with the kitchen running until 23: 30.

In the entries, the star of the SUD Lisbon Terrazza is the Burrata di Andria (€15), which flies directly in this Italian region for Lisbon, but can count with Fritturina Mixed (€7 in version tapas / €12 to share), with diverse fish fried with shrimp and squid, served with mayonnaise, yogurt and garlic; Polpo Brasato al vino rosso (€8 / €14), that is, Octopus cooked in red wine served with creamed potatoes and organic olive oil extra virgin; and Carpaccio Black Angus (€8 / €14). The menu follows, then, by dozens of options such as Risotto del gondoliere (€16 / €30), composed by Rice Carnaroli with scampi, fresh clams and saffron with a few drops of lemon; Tagliolino Romagnolo artesenal with seafood (€16 / €30) and Filetto spigola (€23), or Filet of sea bass served with fregola Sarda, potatoes and green beans with basil pesto.

In the world of meat, the supply is divided between the pan and grilled, with a highlight for the Guancetta di manzo (€22), a cheek of beef, braised in red wine and served with mashed potatoes and watercress; Lamb from New Zealand with a crust of cocoa beans, served with crispy vegetables and potatoes with rosemary (€29) and to the Fillet of beef Simental (€32), served with sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes. For lovers of a good cut, nothing better than to “attack” a Tomahawk Black Angus (€80/kg.).

Now, and as the LDS Lisbon Terrazza states that “we are all children of Marguerita”, the letter offers nearly two dozen options, from pizzas and calzones (from $ 14), where no shortage of the classic Quattro Formaggi (Mozzarela, Fontina, Pecorino, and Gorgonzola), Capricciosa and Marinara, in addition to the Terrazza, in the shape of a “pizza of the house”, composed of tomato Sauce PDO, Mozzarela, Parma ham, rucola and slivers of Parmesan. For desserts there are several handmade ice creams and other names in the universe the Italian, like the Panna Cotta, Tiramisú, and a powerful Baba Napoletano with ice cream rum and raisin (€8).

Much more still existed to describe and present, but the best way to get to know the LDS Lisbon Terrazza is to visit this space on the Avenida Brasilia, next to the MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology. Is still information that, where before there was the night the BCC, was born the LDS Lisbon Hall, dedicated to the events area and connected to the pool from the first floor via a small bridge.

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