Italian Festival: The best pizzas in the country are in Gaia

The good specimens of the Italian gastronomy in Portugal already have the right to have the championship itself. From the 12th to the 17th of September, the marginal de Gaia is hosting a competition to elect the best neapolitan pizza in the country in addition to offer good moments of celebration and animation of the special nature of the home in the event that it goes further and welcomes the Italian traditions also off the table.

With the river Douro and the Port as inspiration, the Italian Festival installs next to the Shop Tour, and has as its highest moment in the Championship, Portuguese Pizza, which brings together the best master cooks Portuguese in a competition for the podium of the best in the country.

The “battle” already in its fifth edition, has in pizza its central element, with participants from the different categories (pizza, classic, artistic or the new deep-fried pizza and pizza dolce) to give wings to their imagination, but also the technique required to make a true neapolitan pizza.

Over the five days of Italian Festival, an extensive programme of activities will ensure a continuous animation in the area of Cais de Gaia, by a consensual and appealing cuisine, but also with regard to Italian culture. Concerts and DJ sessions Italian, lunch, solidarity, workshops and free activities for the family, enliven the exhibition.

In the year in which the art of the cooks neapolitan was declared world heritage by UNESCO, the programming blinks the eye to Naples and its rich musical culture. “Her Mask”, one of the bands most interesting of the new scene neapolitan, and “Los Carosones”, a group that proposes a concert/tribute to Renato Carosone, the giant of the music, neapolitan and Italian stand-out with regard to musical entertainment. Get to know the whole program of the Festival Italian at the page of Facebook of the Portuguese Pizza.

Organized jointly by the Association of Cooks Neapolitan in Portugal and by the Associazione Socio Culturale Italiana del Portogallo Dante Alighieri, the Italian Festival takes over, as well as the great celebration of the millennial culture transalpine in our country, touting tastes and traditions that have come to conquer the Portuguese.

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