It’s official: they are Already known for the best cakes-king of the country

Legend has it that you have been through the Confectionery Nacional, in Lisbon, that the king cake won the contours of the star on the Christmas table. Known as the typical sweet national, is not in reality dating back to its origin to the French court in the SEVENTEENTH century, where it was served as a dessert in honor of the three kings.

The king cake is one of those phenomena of Portuguese sweets that will forever remain in History as one of the most and less appreciated… at the same time. There already who inquiete with this statement by saying that she loves king cake, and that Christmas is not Christmas without a copy of the table. But then there is the truth of the facts and this has concluded, after careful referendum among all those who are coming, that the percentage of fans of the king cake with less than 30 years old is very close to zero.
Unanimously attributed the blame to the candied fruit, a necessary evil to the beautiful picture of the cake but that could perfectly dispense with that gigantic piece of orange peel that always comes attached to the slice. Maybe that’s what eventually appeared, the queen cake, which replaces the candied fruits with dried, but still insists on the presence of the raisins. Once cut, starts a treasure hunt: some because esgravatam in mass up to only have a kind of bran with no trace of fruit, others because they continue to love the search for the toast. Bean, this, already no one wants it and to realize it until there are confectioners who have chosen to leave the hide in there, which makes the experience all the more funny – and equally frustrating.

However, and against everything that dictates the trend in the height of Advent there is no record of bakeries, cake shops or bakeries in Portugal with difficulty in draining away the stocks. Quite to the contrary. There are those who have a pastry of choice, who doesn’t mind doing a few kilometres behind the dough more fluffy and even those who state with conviction know where they sell the best king cake in the country. In this matter there would be much to say, because the tastes, as we know, are not discussed, but because the king cake is a serious matter and of national interest, in the last six years, he has held the National Contest of King Cake Traditional Portuguese, whose results 2017 disclose it then.

– The “best of the Best” king cake”, awarded with three gold medals, it lies in Aveiro, in the Bakery and Pastry Flower of Aveiro (Road of S. Bernardo, 93);
– With a gold medal, drew the cakes queen of Bakery Wheat Sweet, in Lisbon (Rua Actor Isidoro, 20) and of the Bakery and Pastry Flower of Aveiro, in Aveiro;

– Not have been awarded silver medals, but in compensation there are six bronzes: the cakes king escangalhados of the Confectionery Queen, in Arouca (Largo Dr. Ângelo Miranda, 17), and the Briosa do Mondego, in Coimbra (Largo da Portagem, 5); the cake queen Bakery and Pastry Afonso III, in Lisbon (Av. Afonso III, 83), the king cake from the Bakery Wheat, Sweet, in Lisbon, the king cake from the Bakery and Pastry Flower of Aveiro , and, lastly, the king cake in the Pastry Battle, in the Sale of the Pine Street Inspector Rosa y Alberty, 13).

For those who do not is a question of having a king cake wins a prize in the Christmas table, the Schools of Turismo de Portugal have a solidarity campaign will take place until 6 January, in which sales of the self-titled “Best King Cake in the World” is charged in favour of institutions of a social nature. The initiative came from Chief Ignatius the hot seat, who created a recipe that is distinguished by the use of black beer in the dough. Orders can be made in one of the Schools of Turismo de Portugal, from the north to the south of the country.

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