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Jamie”s Italian: While there is summer there are fresh salads (also) in Lisbon

While there is heat, there is hope… see the summer continue for a few more weeks. Thinking about the will that we have to be outdoors, to enjoy the warmth and light meals, typical of the summer, the restaurant Jamie”s Italian (Praça do Príncipe Real, 28A, Lisbon. Tel. 925 301 411) promises an ‘explosion of flavors’ in format salad, with a touch so personal that the chief british, increasingly connected to the palates healthy and organic, has already accustomed us.

Jamie Oliver is one of the most mediatic chefs in the world thanks to television, many published books and his “fight” in order to change the eating habits of the british people and the use of food bio-and sustainably-sourced.
And because that is healthy can be very tasty, this selection parade blends that transform a dish seemingly simple to a feast: In the Super Food Salad alongside a combination of avocado, beets, grilled, mix of legumes and grains, broccoli, pomegranate & seeds with spicy sauce harissa & ricotta cheese, in a game of contrasts. Already the Salad JI Caesar joins lettuce romana crispy & red chicory, croutons crunchy, cauliflower, grated & red onion sauce with yogurt flavored with garlic, parmesan, hazelnuts toasted, chervil & basil in a combination appetizing. The Five-a-Day Super Food Salad is a healthy salad of quinoa, fennel, celery, pumpkin, cauliflower roast, mung beans, radicchio, variety of herbs & extra virgin olive oil with lemon for lovers of vegetables, while a Salad Bocconcini combines Bocconcini with roasted acorn squash, clementine, red chicory, fennel & pomegranate, for those who seek combinations unforeseen.

These are just some of the options of the restaurant’s head british in Lisbon, ideal to enjoy on the terrace of the Jamie”s Italian on the Principe Real.

Italian with a Portuguese touch
Despite this being an Italian restaurant, the charter integrates a variety of Portuguese products : all meats chicken, beef, veal and lamb are national, one of the olive oils also have their origin in the national territory, and have been chosen about a dozen wines from several Portuguese regions, the majority of small producers. Also the so-called “house wine” is “made in Portugal”.

Since I was a child that I’m a fan of the passion with which the italians approach food, family and life, no matter where they come from or how poor or rich they are. It is, for this reason, that fascinates me so much of your culture – good food for everyone, no matter in what circumstances…”, underlines the head about this kitchen.

In addition to the salads, here you can find a variety of snacks and dishes that go pel’ “Our Famous Planks” (€7,50 per person), meat or vegetarian, “Mushroom Fritti” (€4,95), “Ultimate Garlic Bread” (€4,75) or “Pumpkin Arancini” (€4,75), among other delicacies.

Already in the dishes more dense highlight the folders fresh “Squid & Mussel Spaghetti Nero” (€13.95 hours) and “Squid & Mussel Spaghetti Nero” (€13.95 hours), in addition to pizzas such as the “Prosciutto” (€12,95) and the “Truffle Shuffle” (€15,95). “Lamb Chops Scottadito” (€totalling eur 17.95) or “The Jamie”s Italian Burger” (€12,95) are alternatives.

In desserts it is hard to choose among the eight options available, but the “Vin Santo Tiramisu” (€4,95); “Wobbly Panna Cotta” (€4,75), or the “Amafli Lemon Meringue Cheesecake” (€6,50) are great choices.

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