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José Avillez is the Chef of the Year – ” Boa cama Boa Mesa 2018

The chef José Avillez received march 27, at the award presentation ceremony of the prize of the guide Good Bed Good Table, the Prize of Chef of the Year 2018. This is the second time that is allocated to such a distinction (the first was in 2013), and is justified through the course and the odd cry from 2005 that became the largest of the heads of national and a reference at the international level.

In support of the truth, there was no need for the “Grand Prix de l’art de la Cuisine” awarded by the International Academy of Gastronomy to prove that José Avillez is one of the best chefs in the world. The route of the still young head (he has 39 years old) have already indicated-and this award was just the latest in a career that has everything to be truly exemplary. Started with a degree in Business Communication at the Superior Institute of Corporate Communication, where he was the author of a thesis dedicated to the study of the identity and image of Portuguese cuisine.

Later, contact with pots and pans emerges in the kitchen of the Fortress of the Winch and then at the restaurant El Bulli, in Barcelona, on a professional stage. By the way, in 2005, receives the distinction of “Chef d’avenir”, which means “Chef of the Future”, by the International Academy of Gastronomy. On the way back to the house, accepts the challenge of revitalizing the “mythical” restaurant Tavares, in the centre of Bairro Alto in 2008, winning the first Michelin star in the year following.

When it decides to present itself in its own name, choose the Chiado to open the Cantinho do Avillezin 2011. A year later it was the turn of the Belcanto open doors, next to the São Carlos National Theatre. Confirms, behind the stove, all that was leading us, conquering a new star Michelin, one year after the inauguration, getting to two stars in 2014. In the previous year, wins the Fork Platinum guide Good Bed Good Table of “Expresso” newspaper, reward back to receive this year.

In a summary biographical and, necessarily, short, José Avillez was born in Lisbon on the 24th of October 1979, starts in the culinary arts, with private lessons with Maria de Lurdes Modesto. In 2005 received the award “Chef d’avenir”, the International Academy of Gastronomy, becoming chief executive of the Tavares Restaurant from 2008 to 2011. This year opens the Cantinho do Avillez, a year after the Belcanto , and in march 2013 the Pizzeria Lisbon.

The Coffee in Lisbon, in Largo de São Carlos opens in the same year and in march of the following year is the time to open the doors to the Mini Bar, at the Teatro São Luiz in Lisbon, the Cantinho do Avillez , in Porto. In 2016 gives name to the District of Avilez, bringing together concepts as different as a grocery store, a tavern, and a patio, to which are added the Alley and the Canteen Peruvian with the chief of the peruvian Diego Muñoz.

At the end of 2017 and accepting the challenge of the El Corte Inglés Lisbon, brand presence in the Gourmet Experience with three different concepts: the Tavern Chic, a sophisticated restaurant and contemporary Portuguese flavors, the Alligator, a meat eater, a vegetarian, and the Bar Cascabel, a space with the best flavors of mexican that is the result of a partnership with chef Roberto Ruiz.

Already this year it opens The Pitaria, a space, informal and relaxed, with flavors inspired by the cuisine of the Middle East, served in pita bread, and more recently, and more recently surprised with the opening of the Canteen Joe Avilez, where it serves classic recipes, in generous doses, full of memories, the home of the mother and of the traditional cuisine with that of the Portuguese, was born and has become accustomed to grow.

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