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King of the Piglets: the monarch of the restoration of Mealhada

For decades the Mealhada was the national destination for those who wanted to eat suckling pig. The main avenue, affectionately called the “Golden Mile”, was one of the only places of Europe where in a short space there were more restaurants to serve, exclusively, the same product. The King of the Piglets was one of those spaces (70 years of open doors) until the day they decided to switch.

In good time the King of the Piglets left to do justice only to the name. Continues to be the monarch of the bacorinho, that serves as no-one, prepared in ovens of their own, but today it is much more. It is one of the reasons to travel to Mealhada and is the restaurant responsible for a real revolution in the place, having proven that it can continue to serve suckling pig, but the cuisine today is much more than that.

The restaurant King of the Piglets, it is possible to say no to. In the past year led works deep that brought a new kitchen, at the level of the best in the country. More recently, they have changed the room, providing it with more elegance and refinement, also building a huge aquarium where the fresh seafood awaits at the final destination in the hands of the chief Carlos Fernandes. Bet on the change the face of the local cuisine, the kitchen team surprises with each dish that serves, managing to conquer everything and everyone with the magnificent rice lobster that now serves, abundantly accompanied with eggs and a rice stew that garden of perfection.

But, the King of the Piglets is much more than just the food. It is one of the best wineries of Portugal, with more than 2200 references , and always growing, it is the King’s Table, for the ten person where if you make family meals or business discrete, or is the new living room, with fireplace, where he can fit little more than 20 diners, with a terrace and a fireplace where they do themed dinners, wine tasting and all that the imagination (which is a lot), you can dictate.

Safely, calmly and objectively, the restaurant King of the Piglets (Avenue of the Restoration, 17, Mealhada. Tel. 231 202 093) is today a reference for all who love good gastronomy. The letter is spread by entries, such as the Salad of broad beans, shrimp, tomato and coriander (€11,47), or the sparrows fried with chestnuts, hints of seafood and sea, continuing with the proposed biological, earth, hog, lot, or capoeira. It also risks serving other dishes, such as the “Kobe beef” with green asparagus, Portobello and creamed potatoes (€38,47), or a “sirloin Steak”, matured, with a risotto of mushrooms and truffles (€28,47).

As for the suckling pig, the dose of 300 grams (€16,97) accompanying with the traditional trim that includes boiled potatoes, and comes to the table in the form of “Isquinhas” liver fried or grilled (€9,47). Based on the phenomenal service, the room, the King of the Piglets is managed consistently high standard by Paulo Rodrigues and Licínia Ferreira that, in addition to enaltecerem the past of the house and the seven decades of history prove that the best days are still to arrive.

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