Kitchen of Light: dinners for four hands, with a view to the Douro

To celebrate a year of existence, the restaurant’s Kitchen Clear, in the Quinta de la Rosa, property wine, located in Pinhão, in the Douro World Heritage site there are news of the summer. Pedro Cardoso, the head of the restaurant, has just announced that the initiative “Two Heads in the Kitchen in the Clear”, to take place from may to September, which consists in bringing two men to the kitchen of a woman and each one give rise to the imagination.

No one knows what the outcome will be, it is certain that the chiefs invited are going to have to prepare a tasting menu together with Pedro Cardoso, to win the epicureans, and connoisseurs of ancient flavors made from products of this region. The dinners include six dishes (two starters, fish dish and meat dish and two desserts), each having the chief charge of three of them.

The first dinner is this Thursday, may 10th. André Carvalho, head of the Conceitus, the restaurant of the Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, is the guest of his debut. With it takes the wines of the “Quinta”. It follows, also in may, on day 24, Joel Paiva, of the DOC, the restaurant of chef Rui Paula, in Folgosa do Douro. On 28 June, the Kitchen of the Clear receive Milton Ferreira, Quinta do Portal. Luís Borlido, Six Senses Douro Valley hotel awarded with Platinum Key by the Guide Good Bed Good Table, makes a double with Pedro Cardoso on 12 July.

The month of August is dedicated to the two captains that in common they have the fact of working in restaurants located in train stations: Daniel Gomes, of the Caisdavilla (Vila Real), on day 16, and Tiago Moutinho, the Varieties and Dishes (Peso da Régua), on day 30. In September, on the 13th day, it is the turn of José Pinto, the Berries Steakhouse, travel to the Kitchen Clearly. No date set, but already confirmed include the heads Carlos Pires, Quinta da Pacheca (Lamego, portugal) and João Santos, the Vintage House Hotel (Pinion).

The dinner with “Two Heads in the Kitchen of the Clear” begin at 19: 30 and cost €65, with wines included, and take place in the restaurant of the Quinta de la Rosa (Pinion. Tel. 254 732 254). We recommend booking early.

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