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Kitchens of the World: Travel without leaving your desk

In Lisbon, Porto and Faro, where the so-called “kitchens of the world” are gaining more and more ground, the Good Bed Good Table suggests 10 must-try restaurants for where you’ll want to travel without leaving the country. This is one of the novelties of the Guide Good Bed Good Table 2018 already on sale (also in Store Service) that, in its own space, suggests a short hop away to the region of Andalusia, in Spain, a glimpse to the Italian cuisine, a long visit to the spices exotic Asia through Thailand, China, Japan and the Middle East, and a final sumptuous in Argentina, but not before proving the real German sausages.

Al Garage
Father and son take to the kitchen and devote themselves diligently to show that in Italy they do not eat only pasta. In Al Garage, the doors open to the sardine, which is one of the most common ingredients in southern Italy. There are also pizzas, risottos, meat, other fish dishes and ravioli. Pass by the grocery store and take the chance to take home the ingredients that are used in the kitchen of the restaurant. Average price: €20
Rua Castilho, 63, Lisbon. Tel. 211 919 176

After the success of the dinners syrians in the Santa Clara Market, organised by the Bread of the Bread – Project of Integration of Refugees, the next step was to open a restaurant seriously. The menu of Mezze is divided precisely into six mezze (appetizers), which may include humus, baba ganoush, salad parsley, bulgur, pita bread, falafel, soup of lentils, meat pies or spinach, among other specialties of that country. For dessert, go for the mini pancakes. Average price: €15
Market Arroios, Rua Ângela Pinto, Lisbon Tel. 212 494 788

: The Mesón Andaluz
Enter in this restaurant and have a taste of what is to be in a home of Spanish tapas. The Méson Andalusian Differentiates itself from the others by the include in the charter only the best of the best in andalusian cuisine. An exquisite space, arrive at the table portions to sting of classical iberians, such as eggs ruptured, the famous cochinillo, drove narrowly or serrano ham. Average price: €25
Travessa do Alecrim, 4, Lisbon. Tel. 214 600 659

Opened its doors in Beijing, in 1864, as the host of the best roast duck in China. It was growing and eventually become one of the most emblematic representatives of the chinese cuisine of the region Sichuan. Has as a branch of the famous Peking Duck, which in its traditional version, served at Quanjude, you should give it to three dishes, distinct: a roast, a soup, and the minced. A trio mandatory to know the true chinese tradition. Average price €15.
Street North Pole, 10623, Lisbon Tel. 926 033 333

Ikeda – Japanese Cuisine
It assumes itself as a japanese restaurant traditional, with some dishes slightly westernization. In the room below the Ikeda is a great desk for a close contact with the work of the sushimen. Upstairs, a room decorated with three thousand origami. Here not only serves sushi and sashimi. Is the edamame, okonomiakis, the mass japanese ramen, and even toro (belly of tuna). Try the teas and still the sakés. Average price: €35
Rua do Campo Alegre, 416, Porto phone. 915 499 363

Exquisite space and even provocative. The Blending combines hot and cold dishes, in the light of the influences of south-american and asian. It is up to the customer to choose between the cold, where you will find ceviches of tuna, oysters natural and the ganache of foie gras, or let themselves be carried away by the warm of the shrimp fried in curry Thai, steak in the uruguayan or the termite of ox argentinian. Average price: €35.
The street of the Commerce of the Port, 161, Porto Tel. 926 682 620

Open only for dinner, the restaurant draws influences from the various points of the world, with a menu that travels to different stops every three months. The charter of cocktails of the World is an excellent introduction. Then you just have to choose your path. Is, for example, an excellent carpaccio mexican, tataki of prey of the iberian pig, wontons fried shrimp, great fish and even ceviche of fruit in desserts. Average price: €25
Rua da Picaria, 58, Porto, portugal. Tel. 912 090 029

Parrilla Natural is Inspired by the Uruguay to draw its proposal for fine dining. The Parrilla Natural Gives much importance to the quality of the ingredients, including the famous beef 100% natural, cooked in the parrilla, the traditional way of cooking in Uruguay, which helps to intensify the flavors. Between with Pata Negra acorn-or gambas a la plancha. Average price: €35
The slope of the Wolf, Ferrarias, Almancil. Tel. 289 350 040

Thai Vilamoura
Simply pass the port of entry to have that feeling of having landed in Thailand. Starts with the decoration, continues through the music intensifies with the uniforms of the team of the room and, of course, with the smells that travel through the restaurant. The letter from the Thai Vilamoura is extensive, but you can ask for help. The pad thai is representative. Average price: €25
Avenida da Marina, Edifício Vila Lusa, shop 3, Vilamoura. Tel. 289 302 370

The Vila Vita Biergarten
The renovation works and the renewed image gave new conditions to the kitchen that prepares traditional dishes of the obvious inspiration the German. The management in the Vila Vita Biergarten in the environment of sharing and conviviality, typical of the beer gardens of germany, thanks to the new bar to entry. Try the sausages, the apple strudel and the craft beer. Average price: €25
EN 125, Porches Tel. 282 381 177

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