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Letraria: craft Beer and Beer Yoga

The joy. There is little more than a year, this artery central but very chaotic in the city won a new animation. Here if you installed in number 101, the Letraria (Street of Joy, 101, Porto, portugal. Tel. 915 276 786), a huge house dedicated to craft beer with a dream garden in the back. It seems an oasis in this vast expanse of green in the middle of Downtown, punctuated by several shadows that promises refreshing shades in the warmer weather.

B-Beer Yoga. As if that weren’t enough, this is also the location chosen for the inspiring sessions of Beer Yoga – a convenient mode in which some of the positions of classical yoga practice with two bottles of beer in their hands – here organized once in a while. The periodicity is not certain, so the best is to go by paying attention to the page Facebook of the Letraria to keep the pair.

C beers. It is not every day that is a letter of craft beers, with half a hundred of references. The pressure in the bottle, this space is rich in choices, but not only.

D detail. Harmony makes sure details well presented that transform this huge brewery in a space very cozy. Help the large garden, ‘secret’, always a good surprise in the middle of the city and the essence of the northern of the place, inspired by the roots of the minho regional beer of the Letter – of the same owners – produced in the welcoming Village Green.

The options Letter is only going up here, but there is room to grow. And we find other reasons to extend the primer.

And space. Within doors the Letraria is also inviting. On the balconies of the two rooms – the first more small, to the side of the street; the second largest, to give to the garden, makes it hard to choose between the 50 craft beers (20 of pressure, from as little as €2 glass of 20 cl.). But the highlight is of course for the honours Letter, launched in 2013 by two friends, Francisco and Philip, which opened this space on the Street of Joy there is little more than a year.

F plenteous. Such as in the Village Green, where is the factory of the beer Font and a friendly Brewpub, in Porto, where this beer has had a great acceptance, the Letraria became a true temple for lovers.

G of gluten. One of the beers here are served is gluten-free, so even celiacs can enjoy.

And finally, the perfect companion for the beer, which leaves us dumb as the consonant.

H harmonisation. Here you also eat, and well. There are options for sting, designed to blend in perfectly with the various Letters: Croquettes (€3,5/6 units) cheese Board and sausages (€9,50), Hamburgers (€8), Steaks (from €11), in addition to of the popular sandwich Stout made with the blade of pork braised in black beer Letter C (€6). On the sweets, the chocolate Mousse with Stout is a must.

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