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Lisbon Food Festival and the Manifest for the Portuguese Cuisine

Let’s go by parts. Blood in the Gill / Blood n’ Guts is more than just a platform for the dissemination of new Portuguese cuisine, which gives its name to several gastronomic event unique. Blood in the Gill is a son of Ana Musician and Paul Roach, both founders of the communication agency Amuse Bouche, both passionate about the great universe of gastronomy. Now, a passion so great and because the Blood in the Gill is “inspiring and challenging” and “likes to break the rules, take risks and try again”, the coming days will be, certainly, remarkable for the Portuguese cuisine.

Tomorrow, at the HUB of Creative Beato, in Lisbon, will be held the III Symposium on the Blood in the Gill, under the theme “Portuguese Cuisine. And now?”. Throughout the day, participate in the conversation names of reference from Maria de Lourdes Modesto to Andrea Petrini, passing by the heads João Rodrigues, José Avillez, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Alexandre Silva and Nuno Mendes, among others. The participants will present their conclusions about the themes of our kitchen that worked in the last few weeks, as “Blood”, “Frying”, “Bread” and “Salt”. It is this work that will come out of the “Manifesto of the Portuguese Cuisine 0.0”, namely, a first approach of the ways that promise to “elevate our cuisine to a political plane, of action, affirm our kitchen, and our country,” said Ana Musician and Paul Roach, in a statement.

Lisbon Food Festival: Heads on the street

Confirming, that the food is the same as a party, the Blood in the Gill opens the doors of your HUB Creative of the Blessed (entrance by the Street Maintenance, 118) and invites all the Portuguese to be part of a festival unprecedented: the Lisbon Food Festival, an event of street food, that will add 27 cooks renowned, national and international, “which were inspired by the savour the flavours of tradition to make suggestions with innovative and delicious”. A festival of sharing which takes place this Saturday and Sundaybetween 12h00 and 22h00. Tickets cost €4 (children up to six years do not pay). In the interior, the dishes, with a fixed price of €5 and €7, are “to share in tables races, in a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, so characteristic of Lisbon”.

Tell, therefore, with a unique menu of “finger food”, with suggestions of tempting as Sandwich cheeks braised with fresh salad and crispy sausage; Wafer out of the river to the sea; Noodles potato with cod and coriander; Salad of lamb in the wood; Putter cato with tempura shrimp and satay sauce; Humus fatteh in bread pita; cow Tongue with fennel burnt, pancake lupine powder and mussel; Tartar algae; Belly of pork with sauerkraut and Cheese of the Island; Salad processing of peas, squid and fresh herbs; Coquettish grilled black pork with tupinambo and snow peas, and sweet; the mysterious Bones of the Craft , and even a Sandwich cooked in the Portuguese way.

In residence, the Lisbon Food Festival will count with the presence of heads Joan Azorit (2 Michelin stars, of Mugaritz, San Sebastian), Leandro Career, Leonardo Pereira, Semi Hakim (of Kök Projekt, Turkey), Manuel Maldonado and the confectioners’ Carlos Fernandes (the restaurant PLACE, Fork Platinum 2017, 1 Michelin star), Americo Santos (restaurant Belcanto, Golden Fork 2017, 2 Michelin stars) and Diogo Lopes (Penha Longa Resort). This brigade permanent get together, on Saturday 6 may, José Avillez and David Jesus (Belcanto), Michele Marques (Mercearia Gadanha), Hugo Birth (Fishmonger around the Corner), James Pretty (Largo do Paço – Casa da Calçada), Nuno Barros (1300 Taberna), Rodrigo Castle (Tavern O Counter), James the Ugly (Leopold), John Oliveira (Vista Restaurant) and Mauritius Vale (Soi).

On Sunday, the 7th of may, the stars of the Lisbon Food Festival are Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma), João Rodrigues (Feitoria), Alexandre Silva (LOCO), André Magalhães (Taberna da Rua das Flores), Pedro Pena Bastos (Spur), Luís Barradas (Tago’s – Food Experience), Hugo Brito (Bull-Horse), Daniel Flat (Avenue Sushi Cafe) and Victor Adam (Bistro 100 maneiras).

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