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Little teeth, ponchas, and peanuts: learn where to savor in Madeira

There is more than beaches, levadas and walks along the sea on the Island of Madeira. There are bolo do caco, Limpets and endless snacks that can go from simple roasted peanuts to the famous “little teeth”, which are, after all, small snacks to entertain your stomach between poncha and other. In these cold days, set off to discover the mild archipelago and discover the magnificent delicacies that the island has to give.

The Castrinhos
It was in 1952, that opened the doors to the former sale and grocery store at the hands of Manuel de Castro, who was with the diminutive, which would eventually lend to the house for have the same the grace of your grandfather. Local castiço, that presents itself even today as the “tavern and grocery store”, there is a triumvirate crowbar/poncha/nikita (between €1,90 and €2,50). For those who are not familiar with the terminology of madeira, they are all traditional drinks, highlighting the power of the crowbar (a mixture of black beer, Madeira wine, lemon, chocolate powder and ice). To comfort the stomach, in The Castrinhos, are celebrated the “little teeth”, the brothers Castro, Anselmo and Jose Manuel, will offering to the parish in small dishes for you to enjoy: – knot (the belly of the swordfish”), tuna marinated, livers and whatever else is coming out. The sandwiches, of the sword or the tongue (€2,50), are an alternative.
Path of the Pine Lap 12, Areeiro, Funchal. Tel. 291 773 414

The sale of the Partner
Family business with more than 50 years, is popular among the football fans. The dish of the day and the bbq (from €7), on the day of the game, in the Sale of the Partner together-if chopped (€8), as the meat marinated in wine and garlic or the beans. There is also a lot of beer (€0,90), table football and karaoke.
Rua Sidónio Serôdio, Tendeira, Canico. Tel. 291 614 951

Grocery store Bento
At the end of the day, it is the local meeting place in Downtown funchal. Quite well known by the name of “Pharmacia Bento”, is by ponchas (€1,50) that there will in the first place. Also if you can get some groceries, but are the spices sold by weight, from India, Jamaica and Tanzania, that continue to attract clientele, particularly at the time of Christmas, when confeciona the honey cake, the cornbread and the cake black, and there are more than a century that sells a mixture whose recipe remains the secret of the gods and in part to the entire world. The business, existing for more than 150 years, is in the hands of the same family for seven decades. Sells piaçabas, sieves, chickpeas, beans, and all the necessary ingredients for the traditional recipes, while maintaining the DNA of the house and the family legacy.
The street of the Coopers, 2, Funchal. Tel. 291 223 613

PVP – Bread, Wine, and Snacks
The space lives up to the name. Rises the bread to the table, the wine and the snacks, not necessarily in this order, but there are plenty to choose from without coming to the main dishes: octopus escabeche (€9,50), baits for cod (€12,50), tuna, or sardines marinated (€7,50), pork feet with coriander (€7,50), meat-vine and garlic (€9,50)… Join in the PVP – Bread, Wine, and Snacks, yet the suggestions depending on the offer in the market on the day, with preference to fish and seafood. In spite of the wide room, he began to be a point of distribution of wine, who joined the snacks to boost business when the goods comes lately of the continent. Grew, so, wall to wall with the wine cellar, where you can buy directly the wines, with a great representation of the wine regions and national of the that is produced on the island.
Rua Simplício dos Passos Gouveia, 24-28, Funchal. Tel. 291 768 460

In 2013, the former grocery store gave place to a space more beautiful. Without denying the past, that is well visible, and thus improving the revenues of poncha (€12), highlighting the regional and the… tomato English! For comfort, there is still in the FidyPoncha the nails in bolo do caco (€2,60) that are must-sees. To entertain, bet on the greaves.
Path known as estreitinho, 1, Calvary, Estreito de Câmara de Lobos. Tel. 291 636 303

The Kitty of the Pebble
Câmara de Lobos, in the poncha is concerned, only one fact seems indisputable: they were the fishermen of the land that did be born. That will always be debatable is what the bar or sale that offers the best poncha, as many advertise hold such a title. In this space, even on top of the bay, the poncha is an emblem and attraction factor for the visitors, local and foreigners. There are many variations, but the big highlight goes to the poncha pitanga (€2,50), that deserves to be proven. To track in The Kitty of the Pebble, you can count on several “little teeth”, from the skipjack to the ventrechas tuna, passing by the sandwiches of filet of sword and by limpets (€5). Enjoy the terrace, but don’t let take a peek at the reason of the name of this space. It is well visible, behind the counter, the best place to see the preparation of the various ponchas.
Wide of the Well, 5/6, Câmara de Lobos. Tel. 291 632 896

Bar The Grandfather
This is the house of Ricardo, a sportinguista that reveals the love to the club on several tattoos and to football in about a thousand scarves hanging from the ceiling. Ask for a team and he knows exactly where is its scarf! The decor is very quirky and full of old objects, leaving little space for the tables. The ponchas, at the Bar, The Grandfather, served are for “people strong” and from the kitchen come out simple dishes (€6,95), and various snacks, the taste of the inspiration of the day. Tell also with various wines Wood.
The street from the Beach, 49-A, Funchal. Tel. 291 632 651

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