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Local restaurant: when less is (much) more

If there are cases in which less is more, the on-Site restaurant, recently opened in the zone of Príncipe Real, in Lisbon, is proof proved that this maximum is even true. When nearly all recovery think at scale, and a few restaurants there that even moving from their place to serve more customers, André Releases the Lamb thought in a large and opened the one that is one of the smallest restaurants in the city.

Insist on modest numbers: The restaurant Location only has 18 square meters), a single table, and only ten seats, which can be occupied twice. This means that there are, at most, 20 meals served per day, in two shifts, one at 20: 00, another at 22: 00. In the company of the chief Leonor Nephew, André Releases the Lamb will no longer have a living room and a large kitchen at your disposal to create an intimate environment, where the proximity if you feel you want to in the dimension of the room, either in the detail of the looks of the ingredients, by the requirement of dual heads, are always of small producers and in very limited quantities only, which means that each day the charter can radically change.

The early days of the restaurant Location, says André Releases the Lamb, were “very satisfactory, because due to the closeness of the space allows me to have with customers, get immediate feedback on our work”. It is also important, he says, “the fact that we’re not necessarily clinging to a fixed letter”, which “allows you to change dishes when I come across a product that I find important and interesting”.

Each dinner in the restaurant Location is divided by the“Beginning”, “Middle” and “End”. These days the “Beginning” includes “Carbonara squid with apple, granny Smith, and ham Mangalica” (€11), “marinated Salmon with crepes vonnassiennes” (€10), “Tartar of veal with sea urchin” (€10) and “Foie gras in Port wine with brioche” (€10).

Already the “Middle”, at the restaurant Location (Street of the Century, 204, Lisbon. Tel. 925 675 990), includes “Cod, fresh vegetables forgotten and sauce yuzu” (€21), “pork Cheeks with mashed potato rate, and sauce trufado” (€19), and “wild Mushrooms with quinoa and dried fruit salad with aromatic herbs” (€15). The “End” comes in with “Pain Perdu” (€6), “Truffle-black Chocolate” (€8) or “Thousand Sheets vanilla bourbon” (€6).

André Releases the Lamb was born in Sacramento, went for Ibiza with private chef, was the executive chef at Clinique La Prairiein Montreux, Switzerland, and went by the 2780 Taberna, by star Relais Louis XIII, Lapérouse and Au Comte de Gascogne, and also by the restaurant Amphora, in the hotel Palace of the Governor, in Lisbon.

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