Luis Gaspar is the new Chef of the Year

The young Luis Gaspar, who is usually behind the stoves in the Restaurant Room of the Court, in Lisbon, was the big winner of the edition 2017 of the competition Chef of the Year. Happens to Rui Martins, head of the kitchen of the restaurant RIB Beef & Wine in Porto. Luis Gaspar is 26 years old and has been working for 9 years, having started his career at the Pestana Palace Hotel.

Followed places like the Grande Real Villa Italiain Cascais and the Royal Palace, in Lisbon.

In a hotly contested final in two hand, the jury decided that Nicu Iastremschii, restaurant on-site visit, in Lisbon and winner of the Fork Platinum edition 2017 of the guide Good Bed Good Table would be the second ranked, followed, in the third position, by Nuno Fernandes, of the restaurant The Butcher shop, in Lisbon. The Head of the restaurant of Kiko Martins would still be awarded the prize Choice of the Press, awarded this year for the first time.

To reach victory, Luís Gaspar has presented on competition a full menu with the input Soup of Stone, Stew of Dried Salt Cod from Norway, Veal, leg of cow and grain , and the Breeze of Liz almond and lemon. The Prize Helmut Ziebell was handed over to the dessert confecionada by the chief winner of this year’s edition.

The jury of the edition 2017, the number 28 of the story, was composed by the chefs Nuno Mendes of the Chiltern Firehouse, London, André Silva of the Port in Bragança, André Magalhães of the Tavern of the Street of Flowers, João Rodrigues from Feitoria, José Avillez of Belcanto and Nuno Diniz of the Tágide, all in Lisbon, and also by the heads Helmut Ziebell and Orlando Esteves, masters of the profession.

Nicu Iastremschii, the second-place finisher, has 27 years and is head of the kitchen at the restaurant on-site visit, in Lisbon. Is professional kitchen for the last 8 years, having passed through places such as the Hotel Sheraton Lisbon , and the restaurant Bica do sapato. Already Nuno Fernandes, the third ranked has 32 years old, is chef and manager of the restaurant The Butcher shop, in Lisbon. 10 years of career has led him to various cuisines in the world, such as The Greenhouse Restaurantin London and the Gagganin Thailand.

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