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Manjerica: The new healthy restaurant in Lisbon that is the exception to the rule

The Manjerica recently opened in New Avenues in Lisbon, it is assumed as a house, “deliciously healthy”, but confesses that “a day are not days” and so, yes, there is nutela, the pancakes take flour and there is still cream cheese spreads French toast. Out of these three ingredients, everything is natural and healthy.

Opened in the beginning of the week, but we already know that the door only those recipes that pass these tests. Must be healthy, tasty and very beautiful. The coffee, for example, failed a few decimal places and condemned in the examination (not to be healthy). To replace it there is a shot of ginger (€1,50) which ensures the necessary energy.

The menu is ideal for lunch or a snack , and suggests a number of dishes based on vegetable oils, which can be complemented with toppings of protein. That is, on revenue compound there is a suggestion of Cumin (€8,50), with brown rice, Dahl and lentils and various species of tomatoes, which can be combined, for example, with chicken (€2,50). Already in the toast (€6) options range from Hummus to beet Pate of eggplant and can be crossed with poached Egg (€1,50), smoked Salmon (€2,50), among others. For lunch you can still tell with a Hamburger bean, quinoa and walnut (€8) and varied choices of eggs (from €5), with the possibility of combining with toppings also.

If before you prefer something sweeter, opt for pancakes, with fine flour white (€6,50), or pumpkin and oats (€8), which can be served with peanut butter, nuts, and honey, nutela and coulis of fruits of the forest. There is also a section only with Gulodices (from €3,50), where is the yogurt, figs, and flour of carob, or coconut, almond and fresh fruit.

Sundays is the day of brunch and this restaurant there is a menu (€16) special healthy with pancakes, toast or eggs, bowl of yogurt with fruit of the day and granola, accompanied by cold tea of the day and a latte.

The restaurant Manjerica is a family business and the decor is very welcoming, with a sophisticated natural who opened a few days ago, but with delicate details and simple. Licínia Moura explains that he has always enjoyed entertaining friends at home and prepare them food, but since we moved to the capital city, in a house more small, is no longer able to open the doors of the dining room so many times. So, he built this space and thought “I’ll do what I want for me and for my friends. If it is good for me is also good for the other.”

To represent the restaurant Manjerica, the team chose the burra lanuda de Trás-os-Montes, to whom he gave the name of this space. Currently this species is endangered and the new establishment of the New Avenues will sponsor this animal, because, according to the daughter of Licínia Moura “we defend all that is ours, the Portuguese”.

Are still many details to count. The best is to pass in Manjerica (Avenida Praia da Vitória, 50D, Lisbon. Tel. 211372653) and, if possible, still this week, since for all the customers, there’s a surprise…

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