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Mano a Mano: la Cicciolina, the Mona Lisa and the new Italian cuisine in Lisbon

What is the Mona Lisa and la Cicciolina have in common? Or the emperor Julius Caesar and the ex-president Silvio Berlusconi? Apparently nothing. A few months ago, the answer would have been right. But at the beginning of September, in the Rua do Alecrim, opened an Italian restaurant that unites these pairs in clashes natural. Is called Mano a Mano, and admits to being an authentic ring, where there are no losers, only winners. And it is precisely in the illustration of the menus of this house that these figures are.

Moreover, this concept is materialized when one looks carefully at the suggestions that come out of the kitchen, with the dualities between the traditional Italian cuisine and pizza, the recipe of the neapolitan and roman, the folder and the flesh, and much more. Not in the wine the decision is unanimous, and the rematch is made between the nectars of Portuguese and Italian.

In the first round of the meal the tip are the dishes, Antipasti or Primi, like the Burrata (€12,50), Crostini Mano a Mano (€5,50) or Cappelli ai funghi porcini and tartufo nero (€13,50). To divide, it is mandatory to prove the Taglieri (€16,50), a selection of cheeses and smoked, served with caponata of vegetables and homemade bread. On Sundays, the Lasagne alla bolognese goes into combat and comes out winning, with a platter special for four (€40) or six (€55) people.

In the second part of the confrontation, opt for dishes, Secondi and Contorni (side dishes) or suggestions Piatti Unici. More difficult than deciphering the words Italian the menu is to decide between the numerous options as appetizing, as Guancia di vitello brasata al vino rosso with purea di pastaza all’olio d’oliva extravergine e limone (€14,50), Tagliata di manzo (€22) or Scaloppine di baccala al prosecco con tartufo nero and polenta morbid (€22). Translating, veal Cheeks with mashed potatoes with olive oil and lemon, ‘entrecôte bullock matured and cod Fillet with black truffles and polenta, respectively.

If before you prefer to opt for the pizza, the struggle is another and the podium will be played in two kilns that are at the entrance of Mano a Mano. So that goes on the door, on the left side you will find the oven of pizza, the roman, and the right side of the neapolitan. On the menu, the options are marked with the type of dough ideal for each, but the final decision is yours. For example, the council is the Rustica (€12) is roman and the Acciughe (€13) neapolitan, hand-to-hand (€12), the pizza of the house, you can come to the table in the revenue of the roman or neapolitan.

With regard to space, it is difficult to remain indifferent to the large windows that flood of light the restaurant Mano a Mano (Rua do Alecrim, 22, Lisbon. Tel. 914054273), or the lamps round red which provide a play of light in the night. At the table, the towels do not mark the presence and the marble floor contrasts with the light wood and dark, making the stylish and relaxed atmosphere.

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