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Matosinhos, the capital of fish and shellfish in 10 restaurants

Lobster, shrimp, clams, octopus and a wide list of fresh fish to grill or put in the oven are some of the good reasons to visit Matosinhos, which assumes, increasingly, the pride in the brand “World’s Best Fish”.For all these reasons, adds one more: the first edition of the Festival of Fish and Seafood “love ” Matosinhos”. The meeting point is in the Garden the Lord’s Standard, next to the famous port of Leixões. The initiative will count with spaces of tasting, workshops, sessions, live cooking and guided tastings of wines. The festival, which ends on the 30th of September, takes place every day of the week. Until then, the Good Bed Good Table sits at the table of the best restaurants and seafood restaurants of the city.

The Seafood restaurant in Matosinhos
The Seafood restaurant in Matosinhos is one of the restaurants more emblematic of the city, open since 1978. Seafood and fish of the sea are, as indicated by the aquarium, a great attraction, and the divine seafood rice is to the head. Dive in and go asking other inspirations sea, such as scallops (€70/kg), lobster (€80/kg) and lobster (€100/kg) in the grid, to the american, or in your rice stew (€80 for two). You can still opt for one of the many grilled fresh fish. Well these gems is that you can’t resist.
Rua Roberto Ivens, 717. Tel. 229381763

The Terrace Seafood Restaurant In The Old
The oldest seafood restaurant in Matosinhos, opened in 1957, continues to be a location of choice. The amount of care to the decoration of the space and the exemplary service extends to the table. The crab (€38,50/kg) is already peeled and just ask for that any seafood is served. With freshness guaranteed, the choice is only with the taste: “(€80/kg) or rice (€80/kg) of lobster and seafood rice (€25 half-dose) are specialties. If the weather is good, stay on the terrace. The elegance of the room and the conversation vying with the proposals of the charter – as well full of fish and fresh shellfish – at the time of deciding which is the best reason for a visit to the Terrace Restaurant, The Old.
Rua Roberto Ivens, 628-638. Tel. 229380660

The Corner
Thirty-five years well spent know now a new chapter. Bastion of good regional cuisine since 1983, The Corner already deserved the modernity and comfort that achievement with the recent refurbishment. Has changed for the better space and increased capacity, putting to use the room on the first floor. The works won him renewed modernity, but at the table everything stays immaculate, the seafood and the appetizers continue to be specialties appetizing, as well as the great wine list. When everything is good, it makes it difficult to point the way, but, depending on the appetites, the salad of whelks (€10), the spider crab of the coast stuffed (€35), the clams (€19,50), the washers (€45/kg) and rice lobster (€57,50), never again are disappointed.
Rua Roberto Ivens, 826. Tel. 229378796

The Xarroco
The Xarroco is one of the houses most well-known of Matosinhos. The current owner, Alexandre Ferreira, bought it in 2016, and has strengthened the elegance and the welcoming ambience of the room. But in reality it is the freshness of the fish of the sea, such as the turbot and sea bass, which attracts truly the diners. The fish-cock with açorda de ovas is amazing, such as the fish stew, which invites people to choose which will stop the pan. Start the meal with fish Soup (€3,80) or Squid in garlic (€6,30).
Street Heroes of France, 507. Tel. 229381649

Valentine’s Day
The image of lord Valentine Saints on the street, back of the grid, is already part of the roadmap of the visual Dysfunction. Prepares the grilled fish that they are going to stop at the table of lucky diners. Sea bass (€45), sardines (€6), sole (€49/kg) and turbot, are many of the temptations that are coming out of the sea to the dish at the restaurant Valentine’s day. The owner is not a cupid, but his dedication to the profession (25 years ago this street) moves the passions to the table. Argues that learned to cook, in part, thanks to the movie “No Reservations”, where the actress Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the role of the boss and says that the secret to success is divided into three parts: butter, butter and butter. The lord Valentine follows this logic, of course. Between laughs, still assures us that to begin each meal is required to prove Squid sautéed (€8 dose), or Shrimp to the guilho (€12). The Lobster in the oven (€70/kg) is a specialty.
Street Heroes of France, 335. Tel. 229379204

A restaurant of a family environment, beautiful and very welcoming. As happens with the overwhelming majority of the restaurants of this county, it is primarily for the deep waters of the Atlantic that the Toupeirinho turns. Seafood of high quality, such as the stuffed crab (€25/kg), the salad of lobster (€65/kg) and the shellfish açorda (€34,50 for two), live well with the wild fish charcoal grill, specialties to salt and irresistible rice, such as the razor fish. The secret to serve black delicious is in the ingredients of great quality and in the right hands in the kitchen.
Rua do Godinho, 27. Tel. 229387016

The Lusiads
The restaurant of The Lusiads is located in the riverside area of Matosinhos, with a decor inspired by the great epic of The Lusiads. Features a pleasant atmosphere and a menu full of traditional Portuguese dishes, with emphasis on the seafood and the fish is always fresh produce that arrives daily from the fish market. We sailed for this restaurant, classic and timeless, one and the other veze we intend to return. The quality products are a must in this elegant house, which stand out as specialties rice seafood (€25) and lobster, also served in the mayonnaise (€80/kg), the parrilhada grilled seafood (€135 for the two) and the mixed seafood (from €65, for two). For dessert don’t miss the pão-de-ló in Castelo de Paiva.
Rua Tomás Ribeiro, 257. Tel. 229378242

Mauritania Real
The swell of the sea serves as inspiration to restaurante Mauritania Real, that adopts the shape of the ocean in all its decoration. The huge balcony dimpled, to the wall with the same reason, everything goes to the sea, also the source of the ingredients of excellence served here. Assorted seafood (€79,50), stuffed crab (€35,90) and rice lobster (€48,80, for two) are some of the specialties that come to the table. With a friendly service and family atmosphere is ideal for a lunch or relaxed dining.
Street Ló Ferreira, 239. Tel. 229371363

Restaurant Shark
In the restaurant, the Shark, the atmosphere is relaxed and very informal, or it was not this house a tavern and typically Portuguese. The terrace is the ideal place to enjoy the last days of summer, but don’t be alarmed when you pass through the door, the giant shark suspended above the passage is already there for years and there is no record of accidents with customers. Already the menu suggests the dishes very appetizing, where the flavor is the word of order. Start with a soup of the sea with caviar floating (€3,50), go for the clams to Bolhão Duck (€15) and ends with a fish menu, fresh and grilled at the time. If before you prefer, opt for the Prawns to guilho (€15) or the stuffed Crab (€25).
Street South, 65. Tel. 224031477

Jumps the Wall
The Jump the Wall is one of the restaurants more emblematic of the city. Even though it is your first visit, you’ll feel right at home, since this house is famous for the informal atmosphere and family. Located next to the auction, there is always the always freshest fish, such as sardines (€7) or the sole (€13,50). One of the strong points of this space is the typical decoration, with seats on the run with wood, and the friendly reception and the family. There are frequent visits of Mrs. Palmira to the room, with his impeccable attire of a cook, to exchange a few words with the diners.
Street Heroes of France, 386. Tel. 229380870

This article was published in the edition of Express Daily of the day is 20 September 2018.

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