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Meat Smokehouse: Meat the Portuguese in the fashion of Uncle Sam

The combination augurs good results: barbecue american with quality meats from the north of Portugal. Everything cooked in low heat so bland that promise us that we will not need a knife to cut the succulent meats served at your table. Only the tongue to lick the fingers.

With two floors and a terrace, the Meat Smokehouse is located in one of the major arteries of Guimarães and a few minutes from the core history. Although the meat is the star of kitchen boss Eurico Peixoto, in the letter there are options for all tastes and appetites: there are many side dishes as the typical american coleslaw, potato chips , and the classic rice and beans, as well as sandwiches, salads and pasta.

Take a trip through the menu and start with the goat Cheese breaded with honey (€4) or a typical american Chicken wings, or as we say in good Portuguese, Asinhas chicken (€3,50). Try the Ribs with barbecue sauce (€7,50) or the Neck (€7). If you prefer something more lightweight, do not let slip a Salad of arugula, dried tomatoes, almonds, mozzarela with vinaigrette of basil (€7) or a Sandwich of breast of veal (€7). Finish off with a Tarte of Oreo’s and lima (€4). The good news is that the average value per person, at the end of the meal, is €13 and a rumen of delicacies “made in USA”.

At lunch, you always have the possibility to choose the menu (€6,50) where the head, every day, gives wings to the imagination, and proposes a different dish (not included on the menu). In addition to the main dish includes a soup, drink and coffee.

The space is open Tuesday-Friday (dinner) to Sunday, and the walk about by the World Heritage of Humanity, two minutes walk away, is free.

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