Meet & Drink: the dinner most uncompromising of Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is known for being the most romantic of the year. Is claimed as the day of love, and in turn, of the passionate. But what it is made of the singles on this day? The restaurant wine Cellar of the Palace – Wine Bar, the Hotel Real Palace, in Lisbon, organized a dinner for all the uncommitted who want to have a good meal, on the Day of Valentine, in good company.

The suggestion is that risk in a dinner with strangers, in an informal environment. When the clock sound 8 chimes, the room of the Cellar of the Palace (Rua de São Sebastião, Lisbon. Tel. 213 199 500) is composed of 20 men and 20 women uncommitted, and with more than 21 years. This experience is called “Meet & Drink” (€35) and includes a menu full, wines, water and soft drinks, and several activities for which the fellowship is guaranteed. The best is to take a risk and leave the house, even without company, on the night of the most romantic of the year.

After the welcome cocktail, the entry chosen for the “Meet & Drink” is Thousand leaves, cheese chèvre with figs and pomegranate. Already in the main dish, the bet is a Risotto of asparagus with shrimp sautéed with chilli and ginger , and, for dessert, share with Cream brulée coconut and lime with mango ice cream. All dishes are paired with a selection of wines from the Cellar of the Palace.

To participate in the experiment and mark the dinner for today, the 14th of February, you will need to register in advance. See all of the information on the page of the Cellar of the Palace – Wine Bar.

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