Mèm: the restaurant of Samuel is also now “the Best”!

It was already known that in the Mèm Restaurant, on the outskirts of Loulé abounds creativity. It is also known that the kitchen, led by Samuel Rose, leaving some of the most expressive creations of dining in the Algarve, consistent over the little more than two years of open doors. Know also that this is a tough space, far from the sea, but with a view of the valley of Loulé and the ocean in the distance, which gradually imposes itself, and that starts to take customers from the sands of the beach to start the climb to the sierra of the Algarve.

The kitchen of Samuel Rose gave in views very soon. It was said in the times that “the Valley “mèm” worth a try” and confirmed the great shape of the head when he began to open the doors of the kitchen and the split pots with Noélia Jerome, when it came to “Children of the Sea”. But in the Mèm Restaurant there is everything less conformism, and the one that was announced, April 1, as the “Big Lie”, turned out to be true, and today already is not only the kitchen of Samuel to justify a view, there are two, or rather four reasons to go to Loulé.

Today, in the middle of the summer, with scorching temperatures, the Mèm is divided. It broke an “urban myth” of the national kitchen and assists in the return of Joe Best a restaurant, next to Samuel Rosa. But it was even more away from this, after all, the“great truth”. The double kitchen, with the essential company of Beatriz Orta Lozano , and Ana Rosa Crossbowman turned, or better, shared the Mèm Restaurant make the space a place impossible to circumvent of creativity and flavor.

Now, in addition to the main room that provided one of the best scenarios for the dinner in the Algarve, in the Mèm Restaurant there is a Mèm Gastrobar, so that instead of one, there is two unique dining experiences in the same space. As after all it is food that speaks, and that is all that matters, there are also two tenders, always in mutation, were not this quartet for creativity and non-conformist with the hole cards, always looking for more of a combination, another presentation, aesthetics and even another time.

Forgetting the service to the list, there is a new tasting menu, with 12 times (€70) available in the Mèm Restaurant. To surprise is “octopus Rice blue and sea urchin”, “strawberry Yoghurt with bits and pieces”, beet, blue cheese, carabineros, salt and smoked, “Octopus, cheesecake, carrot sauce indian and crackling” and a “10 construction of the cod with cream, version 2.1.1”.

The “Gambão the two temperatures, curries with white chocolate and gruet cocoa” is the moment that follows in the menu of the Mèm Restaurant, followed by “Ravioli tagarnina and vanilla from the forests of switzerland, cream of mushrooms”, “Tartar of Rubia Gallega matured in the CRF, the seed of bouchanania, parmantier of amarguinha” and “Cod smoked, pear and ginger, bread and sea finger”. The meal, the forgiveness, the adventure continues with “Macarron de pistacho mousse of pork liver ibérico and caviar blanc”, with a “Pre-dessert”, with “Cataplana in the cone” and the final “On-the-table”. Can be shortened to this proposal for nine times (€50).

In Mèm Gastrobar (High Of The Clock, Goldra, Loulé, Tel. 964568373) prepare to be surprised with a “Chuletón Matured, Barrosã Rubia Gallega”, with the “Entrecote Wagyu” and with a “Grãozada of yellowfin tuna”. There are still “Preguinho in bread steam”, “the Egg or the Chicken” and “Squid Curry and leaf of rice”. The tapas vary the prices between €7 and €10, if you prefer to stay “In the hands of the Chefs” taste five tapas (€25) and get ready for a unique experience in the Algarve.

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