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Mill Alentejo: a big table with everyone around

By the name it goes to the mistake, and were it not for the GPS also would not be easy to get to the home, in a residential area in Cova da Piedade, in the municipality of Almada. The recommendation had already come with the warning that the mill was only figurative. The owner, Angelo Pereira, receives those who come to his Mill Alentejo with a hospitality beirã reported by the mixed maranhos and bucho da Sertã (8,50€/10,50€) present in the letter. There are other dishes unusual to anyone who comes looking for traditional Portuguese food, traces of other professional experiences beyond their borders, such as the fondue Bacchus (14€) or the raclette cheese (14€/per order).

Returning from Switzerland, the couple settled first in a small space in front of the current, which has already called Mill Alentejo and where preparing food the southern. Helena Pereira with the hand to the kitchen gave evidence and followed the line of that if it was in the house, not to alienate regular customers. This went on for five years. There are 15, they moved to the current address, and were you to pulling together the dishes of his roots of Beira Interior and others who have come abroad, where they also brought the professionalism unmatched in the art of serving. Whatever the option, the dishes are well executed, with quality products and full of flavor. Acquire fame in the ribs with migas (7,50€/9,50€), the fish soup (9,80€), açorda alentejana (9,80€), steak tartar (15€), pataniscas of cod (7€/9€), that serve on Friday and Saturday, or the octopus à lagareiro (9€/12€), Thursday-Saturday.

Between the words framed on the wall, shows the degree of Each Founder is assigned to Ângelo Pereira, enthroned in Oleiros, by the Brotherhood gourmet Cabrito Estonado. Another painting that attests to the antiquity of the specialty: “Delicacy in medieval times. Represents a heritage of various peoples. The first references are associated with the Arabic cuisine at the century XIII. later, in 1620, the first westerner to get into Tibet, the oleirense Padre António de Andrade, shared this delicacy with the three religions heirs of the prophet Abraham: christian, jewish and muslim. Getting known by the Kid’s Peace…”. About making, roughly, the kid is estonado, or poached, clearing up after the skin, that remains to give juiciness to the meat when cooked in the oven getting this crispy. In the Mill of the Alentejo the delicacy prepares for order, for 8 to 10 people (16,50€/person).

The charter of the desserts already comes with scoop, a kind of pre-warning that it is almost mandatory to give you use. It is worth to replicate the banquet of sweets to understand the crux of the matter: there is the homemade – chocolate mousse, of lima, rice pudding, pudding, cake, wafer, pie apple (2,40€) –, the regional – tigelada of the beira region and the pudding abade regional egg (3€) –, specialitytiramissú and panna cotta (3,20€) –, the – meaningbread thin, sericaia, a nobleman, bacon of heaven, cake’s real (3,40€) – the more the list of ice cream. Before it was a mirage and not going to weigh in the balance.

The part of the main room, there is another for small groups, a refuge of Bacchus where the owner left many of the wines that you offer and options that are not in the charter. To listen Ângelo Pereira to talk about her Mill Alentejo (Rua José Martins Vieira, 2B, Cova da Piedade. Tel. 212 580 088) gives taste and gives meaning to the phrases posted in the room especially this: “family is a big table with everyone around”.