Month of the Lamprey in the restaurant Varanda de Lisboa

We already know that with the new year to get on the calendar, arriving at the menus of several restaurants scattered all over the country, the dishes of catfish, this fish of fresh water that, due to the similar form with the eels and with a huge mouth in the form of a suction cup is also known as “bicho feio!”. Confecionada in many ways, is a reason for a pilgrimage to the restaurants near rivers such as the Minho or the Mondego.

However, there is no need of climbing miles to enjoy what many consider a true gem. The restaurant Varanda de Lisboa, on the Hotel World, it saves you the work of doing the road and features a menu dedicated to the lamprey, between today, February 6, and march 18. But, scientifically called fish ciclóstomos fresh water or anádromos, of the family Petromyzontidae (as it reads in encyclopedias) do not come alone. The table also arrives the shad in two options.

In the special menu of rrestaurant Varanda de Lisboa suggest, as inputs, Roe shad in polme coriander and mayonnaise orange or soup of the day. In the main dishes, the head Cheese presents Rice of lamprey in the fashion of a Monsoon or the Lamprey to the Bordalesa. For lovers of Shad, the menu has as an option the Shad fried with marinated ham and migada potato or Shad Golden with açorda of seafood.

To end the meal, the hard part will be choosing from the famous cart from the restaurant Balcony of Lisbon, always stuffed with the traditional desserts and still with some proposals convent. The special menu dedicated to the lamprey costs €35per person, and accompany with the wine harvest, the Hotel’s private World.

The restaurant Varanda de Lisboa (Praça Martim Moniz, 2, Lisbon. Tel. 218 842 000) is open between 12: 30 and 15: 00 for lunch service. Open for dinner from 19h30 to 22h00. It also offers free parking, in the park of the Hotel World, subject to availability.

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